A Chronicle of Events

4710 AR
24 Calistril-The party is given the charter of exploration from Restov.
30 Calistril-The party arrives at Oleg’s Trading Post, meeting Oleg and Svetlana Leveton and hearing about their bandit problems.

1 Pharast-The party ambushes the “tax collecting” bandits, saving Oleg’s business and then following their tracks back to a camp on the Thorn River. They kill Kressle, the leader of the Thorn River Camp, and one of her lackeys, leaving one bandit to exile and two pressganged hunters free. The party explore Hex K.
2 Pharast-The party returns toward Oleg’s and finds a wild radish patch, harvesting moon radishes.
3 Pharast-The party returns to Oleg’s, selling their spoils and meeting Kesten Garess, Jhod Kavken, and Bokken. The party explores west of Oleg’s.
4-5 Pharast-The party finds the trap-filled glade and takes the time to disable and collect 23 beartraps.
6 Pharast-On the return trip, the party is ambushed by an owlbear, which almost kills Nora’s horse and severely injures Tala and Marc. The party returns and trades the owlbear head and traps in.
7 Pharast-The party finds and maps out the Fairy Nest.
8 Pharast-The party finds the lost Temple of the Elk, and defeats its guardian, restoring the shrine.
9 Pharast-The party meets Perlivash the faerie dragon and Tyg-Titter-Tut the grig, who show them to the body of the notorious trapper Breeg Orlivanch. A hunter named Jesten gives advice.
10 Pharast-The party finds the hot springs at the source of the Skunk River, fighting off giant frogs that lurk there.
11-13 Pharast-The party explores the northwest corner of the Greenbelt, briefing running into a huntress named Brigid. The party finds the barbarian cairn, which contains the remains of a Numerian Tiger Lord barbarian.
14-15 Pharast-The party returns to Oleg’s. Waiting for them is the 400 gp reward, and a bounty on the Stag Lord.
16 Pharast-The party explores the areas around Bokken’s Hut.
17-18 Pharast-The party explores the northeastern corner of the Greenbelt, coming across a giant trapdoor spider.
19 Pharast-After a cold snap, the party returns to Oleg’s, where Svetlana gives cold weather outfits to Marc and Tala, and Nora experiments with an alchemical ice melting substance.
20 Pharast—The party finds the dead oak tree and its cache (from a map in the spider’s den), and while exploring the hex, is beset upon by a pair of trolls. After a fierce and fiery battle, the trolls are narrowly defeated.
21 Pharast-The party explores and finds a vast, untapped gold vein worthy of becoming a gold mine.
22 Pharast-The party finds the Old Sycamore tree and its lair of mites. The party slays the tribe, their giant centipedes, chief and giant tick, rescuing Mikmek the kobold in the process and finding a sacred statue. The party and Mikmek return to the Sootscale Kobolds, where the chief smashes the statue and with the PC’s help, slays Tartuk, the insane shaman that had been ruling the tribe by fear. (Reading his journal, Tartuk was the reincarnated form of an equally malicious gnome named Tongtuki.) The PC’s forge an alliance with the Sootscales.
23 Pharast-Having caught Red Ache from fighting the mites’ giant tick, Tala takes the day off to rest. Nora and Marc map out the area around the Old Sycamore.
24 Pharast-With Arzhun the kobold elder’s medical help, Tala recovers and the party explores the area around the Sootscales’ caverns.
25 Pharast-The party rides back towards Oleg’s.
26 Pharart-The party checks in at Oleg’s, Marc picking up his mead and bear fur cloak, with Nora ordering more healing suppliesm the raw ingredients for fireworks, two scrolls, and Marc ordering manacles.
27 Pharast-The party meets Perlivash and Tyg-Titter-Tut at their abode, sharing mead and retelling their adventures.
28 Pharast-The party continues southwest, coming across a statue and old school to Erastil.
29 Pharast-The party finds a small ruin inhabited by Garuum, an exiled boggard. With Tala translating, the group befriends him and learns a little of the area, including the general location of the tatzlwyrm. Said dragon is actually a nesting pair…the party fights them off, takes their ample loot, and camps out, intending to return both dragons (mostly) intact to Oleg’s.
30 Pharast-The party walks back northeast with the tatzlwryms packed on their horses, getting as far as the Temple of the Elk.

1 Gozran-The party continues through the forest, despite a snowstorm. The party walks three extra hours to make up the difference, and Nora sprains her foot.
2 Gozran-The party rides a long hard day back to Oleg’s, where Kesten and his men, along with Dorin and Ioseph, had fended off a bandit attack. The party picks up their supplies and drops off the tatzlwyrms.
3 Gozran-The party takes the day off and plans to take down the Stag Lord.
4 Gozran-The party rides towards the Stag Lord’s fort, getting as far as the gold vein.
5 Gozran-The party follows the Thorn and Shrike rivers, meeting an undead being who wanted the Stag Lord dead, before finding and approaching the Stag Lord’s Fort. Bluffing as bandits delivering alcohol, the party interacts with the Stag Lord’s crew, finding out that a bard Topper Red, and the Stag Lord’s second, Akiros, were willing to rebel. The party is ratted out by Jex ‘the Snitch’ but the party, Akiros, Topper, and an Aldori swordswoman Lira, manage to fight off the Stag Lord, the rest of his bandits, and their captive owlbear, ‘Beaky’.
6 Gozran-The party divides loot before heading back with Falgrim and Fat Norry as captives and the Stag Lord’s body on a travois.
7 Gozran-The party arrives at Oleg’s with the prisoners and the Stag Lord in tow, letting Kesten take them to Restov. The party lets Jhod burn the Stag Lord’s helm, a once-relic of Erastil now cursed, and receives their mounts as companions as a reward.
8 Gozran-The party orders more items from Oleg, and convinces Jhod to help clear out the undead and Gyronnan influence of the fort, heading out.
9 Gozran-The party arrives at the fort, where the PC’s fight the crazed old druid Nugrah, the presumed father to the Stag Lord, who was guarding the basement to the fort. Nora’s cold iron sword that she recovered from the tatzlwyrms’ hoard is shattered in the battle. The party then goes outside to provoke the Gyronna-cursed undead lurking on the grounds, fighting zombies, hag zombies and finally a frost wight, the former high priestess. Jhod consecrates the area temporarily and ensures the Gyronnan taint is gone from the site.
10 Gozran-The party takes inventory of the stolen goods in the basement, discussing the future with Akiros, Lira, and Topper, exploring the environs of the fort, before finally heading north to finish off their mapping.
11 Gozran-The party explores the area north of the fort, mapping out the fangberry patch.
12 Gozran-Nora contracts filth fever as a result of the rat swarm on the 9th. The party fights a rather one-sided battle against Tuskgutter the “hogzilla”-sized boar before collecting his head.
13 Gozran-The party collects fangberries for Bokken before riding back towards Bokken’s and Oleg’s.
14 Gozran-The party delivers Bokken’s berries, orders potions from him, and heads back to Oleg’s, meeting Kesten and receiving their weapons as a reward.
15 Gozran-During heavy snow, Marc and Tala have a snowball fight whilst Nora works on turning the mithral into a masterwork kukri. Casimir Orlovsky, a semi-exiled diplomat delivers the 5,000 gp and colonization charter and is subsequently hired. The new kingdom is decided to be named Leithawyn.
16 Gozran-The party retrieves their potions from Bokken while Nora finishes her kukri.
17 Gozran-Nora discovers and restores Marc’s sword’s razor-sharp property, and finishes scabbards for it and her kukri. The order placed on the 9th comes in.
18 Gozran-Vekkel Benzen arrives at Oleg’s, to help run the post. He gives the party 6 +1 animal bane arrows and a restful bedroll as rewards for slaying Tuskgutter. The party rides out to finish the map, getting to and across Nettle’s Crossing.
19 Gozran-The party explores and maps the area around Nettle’s Crossing, fleeing from a distant pack of trolls south of the river.
20 Gozran-The party rides to the river ford and explores a bit late to explore the hex.
21 Gozran-The party explores the area around the old bridge to the north of the ford.
22 Gozran-Heavy snow slows down the party. They reach the Narlmarches and dig in for the day.
23 Gozran-During the night, the party is attacked by a shambling mound. Tala (who was on watch) injures it, but is knocked out and nearly killed, with Nora and Marcian finishing it off. The party takes the rest of the day off.
24 Gozran-The party maps around the area around the trapped thylacine.
25 Gozran-The party maps the area south of the tatzlwyrm ford.
26 Gozran-The party maps the ara around the dead unicorn’s glade, finishing off the map.
27 Gozran-The party returns to the Fort.

Desnus [Turn 0]
1 Desnus-The Kingdom of Leithawyn is founded. The party orders a Field Provisions Box.
16 Desnus-Leithawyn signs a non-aggression pact with the Sootscale Kobolds.
23 Desnus-The 50 BP colonization package arrives.

Sarenith [Turn 1]
-The city of Nelduin is established, with a number of houses and an Inn, the Broken Bandit established. Leithawyn claims the Fangberry Patch and sets it up as farmlands, also building roads.
-Nora spends her portion of the 1,000 gp reward money on new spells for her spellbook.

Erastus [Turn 2]
-Leithawyn claims the Rickety Bridge, rebuilding roads and establishing it as farmland/ranches.
Event: Food Surplus [½ Consumption for next Upkeep]
3 Erastus: Loy “Tanner” Rezbin (a ranger) and his wife Latricia (cleric of Erastil) proposes a plan to build the village of Tatzlford, accepting 15 BP in patronage in exchange for being annexed in 1 years’ time.

Arodus [Turn 3]
-Leithawyn claims the gold mine, developing it into a full mine, while they build a house and rennovate the fort into a full Keep.
Event: Political Scandal. Topper Red’s past is brought up, but the gov. saves face by explaining the tyranny of Pitax and its king.
21 Arodus: Nordlara turns 62.

Rova [Turn 4]
-Leithawyn claims the old spider lair, extending roads and farmlands, while building a shrine to Erastil back in Nelduin.
-Meanwhile, Tatzlford is founded.
Event: New Vassals and Trollsign. A group of refugees, some who even fled the bloody revolution of Galt, left Mivon after hearing about Leithawyn and being tired of their persona non grata friends “talking walks to the eelponds” and not returning. However, on the way north through the southern half of the Greenbelt, their group was attacked by troll raiders. The trolls slew several of the refugees and stole some of their belongings, with the few ex-militia and ranger-guide managing to slay one of the trolls. They’re happy to lend their skills and remaining resources to Leithawyn.

Lamashan [Turn 5]
-Leithawyn connects with Oleg’s trading post, expanding the post into the new town of Levetown, and providing Leithawyn with a permanent trade artery to the South Rostland Road.
Event: Plague. A visiting hunter was a vector for Urgathoa’s Breath, known to scholars as consumption or tuberculosis. Heskal noticed that something was wrong because the man smelled wrong, allowing Jhod and Nora to quarantine the handful affected. Jhod eventually resorts to castings of remove disease while Nora sterilized the rooms with lime-based alchemical cleaners, thus preventing an outbreak that could have paralyzed the town come winter and colder weather.
-Marcian gets his cloak enchanted.

Neth [Turn 6]
-Leithawyn claims the area around Bokken’s hut, expanding roads and farmlands, while overseeing the construction of a small library in Nelduin.
8 Neth-The party returns to adventuring, finding the Narthropple Expedition and saving one of their wagons that had gone into the Skunk River. The party trades map locations and explores the rest of the hex.
9 Neth-The party finds the hut of Elga Verniex, better known as the Old Beldame or the Swamp Witch. After a tense introduction, the party says hello and talks with her, getting a sidequest to harvest black rattlecap mushrooms.
10 Neth-The party rides past the Candlemere, to the lizardfolk village. They find the missing Tig, and convince the guards to help free him, only to be attacked by Vesket the lizard king and a will-o’-wisp claiming to be an ancestor spirit. The party convinces the rest of the tribe that the wisp is using them, causing the party and the present lizardfolk to slay the wisp, and unfortunately the king. The head brave, Kresshm, becomes the new chief, and the party explains the situation and makes a peace treaty with Nessal, their shaman.
11 Neth-The party is given the will-o-wisp’s offerings as loot and returns Tig Tannerson to his parents back in Nelduin. Svetlana tells the group of a couple of murders north of town. They investigate with Dorin and later Topper, and find a dead merchant and dead shepherd boy, with evidence of a werewolf. The party returns to inn, speaking with Beven the innkeep, and are told of a strange Kellid tribesman, Kundal. A search brings up circumstantial evidence in his room. The party keeps a lookout and manages to find Kundal (in werewolf form) in the town at night, subduing him and dragging him back to Jhod, where a dose of wolfsbane cures the man. He submits to judgment but instead accepts an offer to be deputy marshal.
12 Neth-The party explores the Kamelands east of town and finds and defeats the worg Howl-of-the-North-Wind and his wolfy band in a one-sided fight, returning his body to complete a wanted quest.
13 Neth-The party finishes exploring the hex, meeting and chatting with Nakpik and several kobolds on patrol. The party camps out near the Narthropple base camp.
14 Neth-The party comes across the standoff between the Corax and his woodsmen and Melianse the nixie. The party defuses the situation, agreeing to get Melianse four more tree feather tokens to replace the five trees felled by the loggers. The party explores the rest of the hex.
15 Neth-The party encounters the dryad druid Tiressia (and her friend Falchos the satyr), who tells them of the Scythe Tree slowing working its way towards her and planning to eat her; one fireball and two alchemist’s fires later, the party returns, earning her respect, loot, and 6 tree feather tokens. The party mostly explores the hex.
16 Neth-The party finishing exploring and returns the feather tokens to Melianse, earning her trust as well. The party heads south, and is jumped by the Mad Hermit. The party defeats him, finding a locket of Bokken, the hermit (his brother) and their mother. The party begins mapping the hex.
17 Neth-The party maps the mad hermit’s hex.
18 Neth-The party maps the blighted hollow hex.
19 Neth-The party maps the environs of the lizardfolk tribe’s hex.
20 Neth-The party returns home to Nelduin to split up ph4t l00tz.
21 Neth-The party ventures, intending to get to the mud pit, but finds Crackjaw’s cove (and stingling nettles), puts the nasty brute of a turtle down, and returns it to town, showing Arven the fisherman and finishing his quest.
22 Neth-The party returns to the scene of the turtle, finding a magic sickle and gem, before mapping out the hex.
23 Neth-The party finds the ‘Mud Bowl’, finding it to be a small box canyon of a defile filled with the poisonous/explosive sulfated damp (hydrogen sulfide) and a bitumen (asphalt) pit blocking the canyon entrance. Lacking a safe means of harvesting the mushrooms, the party marks it on their map and maps out the hex.
24 Neth-The party explores the hex to the right of the Mud Bowl, bumping elbows with a herd of elk led by a rutting male.
25 Neth-The party maps out the Gudrin River Ford, fighting off and downing a pack of attacking brush thylacines that attack the party at dusk.
26 Neth-The party maps the area near the Lonely Barrow.
27 Neth-The party enters the Lonely Barrow, disabling two traps, fighting off a dozen skeletons before finally the Lonely Warrior, a nameless Iobarian warlord. The party takes his war fan and the choice bits of weapons and armor that survived in his tomb back to town, selling the excess armor and weapons and speaking with Ulreth about the history of First World’s Ruin (the +2 fey bane cold iron war fan in question).
28 Neth-The party returns Bokken’s locket.
28-30 Neth-Nora enchants one of Tala’s war fans.

Kuthona [Turn 7]
-Leithawyn sets up a tavern in Nelduin, “Old Crackjaw’s Canteen”.
Event: New Vassals. The Lizardfolk officially join Leithawyn, lending their support to the nation, including their fishing expertise, leading to a bumper crop of fanged eels for the nobles back in New Stetven.
-Marc turns 25 on 12 Kuthona.
-A traveling Taldan Azlanti-style philosopher, Aeschylon Deftani tutors Marcs on the basics of ettiquete.
-On 17 Kuthona, Grigori, a foreign orator and rabble-rouser is challenged to a debate after weeks of sprending dissent in Levetown. Tala had returned to Nelduin to grab Topper to assist her, and the two gradually defeat him, but not before he enthralls the crowd; Saki breaks the spell, causing the crowd to fully turn against him and suggest his arrest. Grigori is arrested for sedition and eventually found guilty on circumstantial evidence of being a foreign agent provocateur, and exiled on the 24th.
3 Kuthona-The Worg cloak (Tala), wolfskin boots (Marc and Tala), and wolfskin house slippers (Nora) are done.
4 Kuthona-Nora finishes Tala’s war fan.
8 Kuthona-Nora finishes a quick scabbard for Marc, and silvers his dagger.
9-11 Kuthona-Nora creates 3 Auran masks.
12-17 Kuthona-Nora creates 6 exceptional alchemist’s fire for Tala.
18-19 Kuthona-Nora creates quick scabbards for her silver sword and elven curve blade.
20-23 Kuthona-Nora creates two antitoxins and two antiplagues.
24 Kuthona-Grigori is officially exiled and the party reconvenes. They venture back out to the Mud Bowl, only to realize they’re short of a grappling hook. They check with Konstansia, who agrees to sell them climbing gear and a grappling hook on discount.
25 Kuthona-The party returns to the Mud Bowl wearing the auran masks to filter out the poisonous sulfurous damp, and is attacked by a Nora-eating Tendriculos. The party manages to defeat it (Nora being temporarily eaten in the process), collecting the dozen mushrooms not stomped on by the monster. The party returns to Nelduin.
26 Kuthona-The party turns in the dozen black rattlecaps to Elga, getting paid 1200 gp in various funds as a reward.

4711 AR
Abadius [Turn 8]
-Esseri, a lizardwoman, sets up a bakery, Claw & Hearth, in Levetown, to provide both native recipes (amaranth, buckwheat, and wild rice flatbreads, mainly) and more human fare to the residents of the town and travelers alike.
Event: Food Shortage. While the eel harvest was especially good and enriched the nation, a hard winter storm destroys winter crops and bulbs. Leithwayn is able to mitigate some of the worst damage, lessening the shortage.
-The party receives a primary quest in the form of a charter from Restov, to take down the troll band.
-Taladael celebrates her birthday on 28 Abadius (+1 year).
-Aeschylon continues tutoring Marc on the finer points of nobility.
-Casimir flags down a Varisian wanderer and priestess of Desna named Davica, who agrees to tutor Nora in exchange for upping the number of festivals in Leithawyn through Kuthona 4711.
-Leithawyn’s spy network reports that the Iron Wraith mercenary company sent to negotiate with Pitax failed, its leaders hung as spies and its camp attacked; the survivors returned to Restov quietly.
-Nora crafts a dozen sunrods for party use.

Calistril [Turn 9][Year 2]
-Leithawyn claims the Mud Pit hex and expands roads to reach it; Rogar Stahlfinger, a Rostlandic dwarven master brewer sets up the Brunderton Brewery in Nelduin, providing ale, stout, and spirits to the kingdom.
Event: Natural Blessing: Astronomers report a favorable alignment of the stars, and Davica’s Varisian band gives several positive Harrowings that raise morale across the Kingdom. +4 bonus on Stability for the next turn.
-Aeschylon and Kesten drill Marcian in areas of knowledge and armor/weapons training.
-Nora is further trained in the basics of priestessness.
8 Calistril-The party rides out towards the Abandoned Keep, getting as far as the Blighted Hollow.
9 Calistril-The party arrives at the Ruined Keep, slaying a quickling rogue, scorching a pair of rat swarms, then fights off a grimstalker and his pet assassin vine, then ascends the central tower and narrowly survives fighting off the grimstalker, a mad gnomish pugilist, and a blood-drinking boabhan sith, ‘The Dancing Lady’. The party spends the night in the tower, recovering. Marcian is cursed, dropping his Dexterity, while Nora recovers from Str and Con damage.
10 Calistril-The party maps the area around the Ruined Keep.
11 Calistril-The party heads back towards Nelduin, getting most of the way home.
12 Calistril-The party returns to Nelduin, bumping into Rogar, who asks their opinion on what drinks his brewery should provide and their names. The party visits Jhod, who manages to break the curse. The party sees to selling their loot and talks with Casimir about a castellan, a court alchemist, and a stablemaster. The party visits the Broken Bandit, and recruits Saki (and Pete the cat) to the cause.
13 Calistril-Marc and Tala deliver the quickling’s +1 sword as a gift to Chief Sootscale via Mikmek and then take the day off together, whilst Nora purchases the eternal wand of cure light wounds that had been for sale at the shrine of Erastil in town, gives the quest-statuette to Lily, and then finally fixes her +1 cold iron Aldori sword.
14 Calistril-The party rides to western edge of the Narlmarches.
15 Calistril-The party rides out and finds the deadfall ‘cave’, slaying its hodag and finding Stas the lumberjack’s spear.
16 Calistril-Through ant haul cast on Heskal, gentle repose on the hodag’s corpse, and a very brilliant impromptu carrying platform, the party manages to ride back towards town at normal speed, carrying the hodag in tow.
17 Calistril-The party rides into town with the hodag to cheers and applause, refusing the reward of Stas’s heirloom magic spear. The party then joins Stas et al at Old Crackjaw’s for drinks that evening.
18 Calistril-Topper and Lira brings news that they destroyed a would-be cult of Gyronna in the party’s absence (that had already killed a baby and a philandering husband), the two survivors being a widow and Csilla Tellick, youngest (and disliked) cousin of the Adjutant Mivoni Aldori swordlord in Mivon. The widow is quietly executed while Lady Tellick was sent downriver to her cousin’s custody and justice. The party heads off in the afternoon to drake hunt and scout for the trolls.
19 Calistril-Against sub-zero winds, the party returns to the hex that held the hodag’s lair and maps it out.
20 Calistril-The party finds some evidence of trolls in the far corner hex, but can’t track them. The party finds evidence of two forest drakes in the next hex.
21 Calistril-The party seeks out the forest drakes, finding a trail and is then ambushed by the male. After fighting him off, the party tracks him to his lair, where they drop the male drake in combat and intimidate the female into accepting exile, in exchange for healing the male. The party finds a dead Hymbrian elf scout in the dragons’ lair.
22 Calistril-The party maps the region around the drakes’ lair.
23 Calistril-The party maps the southern corner of the Narlmarches, finding a pristine stretch of undergrowth-free beech forest.
24 Calistril-The party, further exploring, comes across Munguk, a lone hill giant, and Marc instantly befriends him. Munguk offers a crude map (with the trolls’ secret lair pointed out), and offers to help out the kingdom. The party explores the rest of the hex.
25 Calistril-The party finds a rusted but intact abandoned ferry station across the Shrike and Little Sellen, and after Marc drills out the brake pins on the ferry’s rope system, Nora briefly explores the far side for mapping purposes.
26 Calistril-The party returns to Nelduin.

Pharast [Turn 10]
-Leithawyn claims a plains hex west of Levetown for farming purposes. The shrine of Erastil is expanded to a full church.
Event: Economic Boom: +5 BP. Safer roads meant more people showed up for the grand opening of the Brunderton Brewers, and got fresh horses and fresh bread en route from Brevoy.
2 Pharast-The drake quest is turned in, the party getting only a 200 gp pitance for exiling the drakes.
3 Pharast-Theodric, an old Brevic majordomo, joins as Marc’s castellan; Delatia Tepish, a crippled-since birth Liberthane alchemist, joins as court alchemist, and Eltvardi Viiksberg, a ranger and animal groom from Sevenarches, joins as master of beasts.
5 Pharast-Argas the minotaur warrior and Essiya the lizardfolk shamaness seek an audience with Lord Marcian. Argas becomes a bodyguard for Marc, and Essiya an advisor under Tala.
5-7 Pharast-Delatia and Nora team up to make exceptionally powerful alchemist’s fire, while Marc and Tala equip Argas and Essiya with horses and tack.
8 Pharast-The party heads for the troll lair.
9 Pharast-The finds the troll lair, and infiltrates it, killing the first guards effortlessly and the rooftep sentry through a combination of creative defenestration, fire, and base jumping. Further forays do slow down and injure the party, as eventually, they fight Nagrundi (a giant two-headed troll), Kargadd the rock troll, and finally Kargulka, the mastermind behind the troll attacks. The party narrowly defeats him, and hauls much of the portable treasure back with them, resolving to come back with wagons for the 4 BP of supplies and trade goods.
10 Pharast-The party rides home, while Tala fights off a case of bloodfire fever contracted from the bite of one of the trollhounds. The party stops for the night in the lizardfolk camp as a storm pelts it with freezing rain.
11 Pharast-Tala fights off the rest of the ailment, as the party rides back to Nelduin, to find it in the aftermath of an attack by an enormous, armored owlbear. The party takes stock of the situation, finds that Akiros has been redeemed as a paladin due to his selfless actions, and that Dorin has already left to track the beast. The party unloads their troll treasures and leaves, taking Saki with them.
12 Pharast-The party finds a site where a leucrotta ambushed Dorin and killed and taken his horse, before catching up to him several hours later. Heskal watches over Dorin (and the horses) while the party assaults the owlbear lair, fighting off flesh-rotting violet fungi, man-eating giant spiders, and a shambling mound infused with a swarm of centipedes. They finally find and defeat the owlbear, finding the remains of its family, a mercenary-ranger who gave the owlbear a cursed geas ring and its armor, and one lone surviving owlbear cub. The party begins nursing it back to health, and strips the lair of the loot of previous unfortunates.
13 Pharast-The party decides to off the leucrotta later, and returns to town that evening. Marc makes an exceptional speech that rallies the town. Quests are turned in, loot is allocated.
14 Pharast-One team [Ioseph, Brigid, Dhavik, Marcus] is sent with traders to retrieve the trolls’ stolen trade goods, another [Saki, Dorin, Jesten, and General Kesten] is sent to slay the leucrotta and map out the last corner of the Greenbelt, and Casimir and Topper go to Restov to get the troll reward. The party takes it easy.
15 Pharast-An impromptu gala (courtesy of Theodric) starts at mid-day, and lasts until sundown, with the new products of the Brunderton Brewers, the Claw & Hearth in Leveton, and numerous local recipes, including some smoked eel, courtesy of Arven. Konstansia gets the giant owlbear pelt and makes plans to display it in her shop.
16 Pharast-The party buys a small cask of Stahlfinger stout and goes to visit Munguk, camping out at the ferry crossing.
17 Pharast-The party speaks with Munguk, and he agrees to return to Nelduin to help the rebuilding efforts.
18 Pharast-The party (and Munguk) arive in Nelduin, and Munguk starts helping rebuild houses and the church.
19 Pharast-The leucrotta party returns with the dead leucrotta’s head, a finished map of the Greenbelt, and a suit of blue dragonhide armor.
22 Pharast-Casimir and Topper return from Restov with the reward money and supplies.
24 Pharast-The team sent to recover the trolls’ supplies returns.
End of the month: With Munguk’s help and the high morale, the church and housing block are rebuilt, at the cost of using up all the reward and recovered supplies.

Gozran [Turn 11]
-Leithawyn establishes a smithy in Levetown, the Iron Hands Smithy, run by a Rostlandic blacksmith of Ulfen stock, Roderic Haggarson.
8 Pharast-The party rides towards Restov to get Argas and Essiya added to the healing bond.
11 Pharast-The party arrives in Restov, seeing vague news reports of their actions against the trolls, and makes an appointment with Elder Keegh, the high priest of Erastil, for the next morning. The group then visits Nora’s family.
12 Pharast-The party meets with Elder Keegh, who expands the healing bond to cover Argas and Essiya, before heading home.
15 Pharast-The party arrives back in Nelduin.
22 Pharast-Topper announces two spymasters and their safehouses in Pitax and Mivon to Marc.

Desnus [Turn 12]
-Leithawyn claims the patch of forest between the Fangberry Thicket and Tatzlford in preparations for annexing the town. A grain mill is built in Nelduin.
Event: Varisian Caravan: Amidst the preparations for annexing Tatzlford and the summer Stardust Festival, a large Varisian caravan (relatives of Davica) sets up shop in Levetown, upping the economy but slighly upping the crime rate as well.
2 Desnus-Rita Var-Yelsin, an artist and priestess of Shelyn, approaches Marcian and asks for him to become her patron; he agrees.
8 Desnus-The party heads south with the intention to head west-southwest and visit the Pathfinder Lodge in the Embeth Forest.
10 Desnus-The party rides into Mivon, briefly notices interesting wares in the market, and takes the ferry across to the western bank of the East Sellen.
11 Desnus-The party rides to the edge of the Embeth Forest, and shortly after is ambushed by a well-dressed (and armed) highwayman and his band of brigands, who are counter-ambushed by Travistis the treant and a band of Embeth Travelers led by Jamel Vissers.
12 Desnus-The party finds a trail Jamel mentioned and continues towards the Lodge.
13 Desnus-The party arrives at the Embeth Forest Lodge, and meets Sayrin Firewyne, the Venture Captain, and Ihuna Vardsdottir, a Pathfinder specializing in Northern Avistani tombs. Over brunch, the party drops off information about the Iobarian warlord’s tomb, Sayrin gives a tour of the Lodge and gives background on the Pathfinder Society.
18 Desnus-The party meets with a kobold patrol in the Kamelands before returning home.
19 Desnus-Nora enchants her new mithral shirt (courtesy of the highwayman).
20-21 Desnus-Nora enchants her alchemical silver sword.
22 Desnus-Nora customizes a quick scabbard for the highwayman’s (and now Marc’s) adamantine Aldori sword.

Sarenrith [Turn 13]
-Leithawyn builds a school in Nelduin, the First Academy (of Leithawyn), with a hedge wizard and retired Aldori duelist (and wizard-acquaintance to Nora), Khoran Lansveray, “retiring” to teach at the school as headmaster.
Event: Visiting Celebrity: Varsan Aldori, one of the high-ranking swordlords, is recognized when he stops over in Levetown for the night. It turns out he wanted to the try out some of the bread at the Claw & Hearth, and the hubbub involves the bakery booming for the month as several nobles personally visit the site and order outrageous amounts of bread as a new, but sadly, short-lived fad.
-Marc trains with Argas and Aeschylon, the later saying his goodbyes and departing to elsewhere.
-Nora and Delatia research physiology and healing, and theorize that since the brain survive for a few minutes after technical “death”, a physiological and alchemical method of revivification may be possible.
-Davica, the priestess of Desna who had been tutoring Nora, departs as well.
11 Sarenrith-Tala, Kundal, and Jesten (who wanted to pick up some supplies) arrive in Restov and manage to sneak in the healing inside Elder Keegh’s fairy busy schedule, Tala paying to have Kundal’s arm regenerated.

Erastus [Turn 14]
-Leithawyn finally joins with Tatzlford, annexing the town and its logging camp, while Levetown sets up a granary.
Event: Annexation of Tatzlford [Special]
7 Erastus-After the festivities in Tatzlford, the party spots a pillar of light and follows it through compass and direction-sense spoiling fog to the mysterious pillar of light known as the Tree of Stars, guarded by hooded Green Faith Druids. The tree destroys and is charged by Nora’s lightning bolt wand, and upon touch, imparts each party member with a serious of conflicting memories and future visions, in additions to mysterious abilities. When the party leaves, the Tree of Stars vanishes to someplace else.
8-9 Erastus—The party returns to Nelduin and somewhat-figures-out their mysterious abilities and takes the 9th off.
10 Erastus-The party meets with Chief Sootscale to inform them of their impending trip to Absalom.
18 Erastus-Casimir presents the party with one of a pair of speaking stones, on loan from a friend, so that the party can continue their governmental duties where away in Absalom.
22 Erastus—A messenger arrives with news of Nora’s sisters in Restov.

Arodus [Turn 15]
-Leithawyn claims the statue of Erastil and Tiressia’s grove, building a road into the latter. The First Academy expands into a small college.
8 Arodus-The party rides to Restov with intention to head to Absalom.
11 Arous-The party arrives in Restov.
12 Arodus-After a heated argument with her sister, Ilsie, just Nora, Marc, and Tala end up teleporting to Absalom. Ilsie leaves them with a tour guide, Jirani Ia-Ahnkamen, and leaves on her own. Jirani treats the party to lunch, helps them get lodging with Brevic ex-pat retired adventurer Danil Medvyed in a nice flop in the Foreign Quarter, before introducing them to Blackblade’s fighting school. All three pass Benkhal Blackblade’s “test” to get advanced training and agree to return tomorrow afternoon. The party then heads to the Irorium, Absalom’s grand fighting arena, where Tala learns the rules of the Irorium’s bouts and signs up to be notified of the next ‘Unlimited’-style match.
13 Arodus-The party meets with Jirani, who agrees to meet them once he’s found Marc a tutor or firearms and departs. Nora signs up the for Arcanamirium testing (on the 17th), then watches a couple of matches at the Irorium, browses through the Grand Bazaar of the Coins, and after a late lunch, has their first training session with Blackblade.
14 Arodus-Marc and Tala against visit the Irorium (Marc losing money on betting), while Nora goes looking for work and instead gets in a tussle and beaten on by a group of hellknights.
15 Arodus-Topper (and Mikmek) inform the party, via sending stone, of a failed Daggermark assassination attempt in their absence. Tala and Marc help Nora get hired as a part-time “specialist” at the Explorer’s Armory, an exotic bladesmithy run by Rulin Avrindale. The party attends practice at Blackblade’s.
16 Arodus-After receiving a mysterious invitation claiming that special training has already been paid for by an “anonymous benefactor”, the party heads to the Ascendant Court to meet with an agent of the elusive Guild of Wonders, a counterespionage/spy/assassin’s guild, who takes them, blindfolded, back to the Guild of Wonders proper. There, Juartos Morilla explains the geopolitics of Leithawyn’s potential success and his sister Annasendra gives a long, thorough intro course in the usage of firearms.
17 Arodus-Nora attends the Arcanamirium exam, before the entire party attends’ Blackblade’s lessons.
18 Arodus-Tala receives notice of her first fights, and Jirani takes the party to the Javelin Gallery, where they meet frustrated master gunsmith Awan Towaren, who agrees to craft them their example guns (at guild-required inflated prices), and then follow them back to Leithawyn to establish a gun-foundry. Afterwards, Jirani continues his tour of Absalom, taking the party through Green Ridge and to the Ascendant Court, where they stop by Cayden’s Hall, sample the fare, and meeting Arghan and Kyras the Green.
19 Arodus-Nora spends the day working at the Explorer’s Armory, before the trio trains with Blackblade.
20 Arodus-Nora " ", returning with a 400 gp comission that she shares with Tala and Marc.
21 Arodus-Nora turns 63.
25 Arodus-Tala is teamed up with Argahn and a halfling crossbowman, Silas, to face off against a “Bladetooth”, also known as an Allosaurus in their fight at the Irorium.
27 Arodus-Tala fights alongside Argahn, Kyras, Felicia (a priestess of Sarenrae) and Ter’unda (a Mwangi archer) in a Sieze-the-Banner; her Green Team manages to win with three flag captures and three enemy K.O.’s.
30 Arodus-Tala receives a messenger from the Irorium, for the next available fight (after the 7th)

Rova [Turn 16]
-Leithawyn claims the abandoned ancient Elven keep and preps a city district, as well as the abandoned ferry station on the southern border of the Greenbelt, rebuilding it and establishing it as farmland. Edwin’s Everyday Emporium is set up in Levetown.
Event: Bad Weather: A series of late-summer monsoon hailstorms and floods slows down productivity and keeps businesses and farmers locked safely inside their homes.
2 Rova-Marc receives another “anonymous” letter from the Guild of Wonders, informing him of an appointment with an etiquette instructor on the 8th.
3 Rova-Nora receives the results of her Arcanamirium exams, ranking her as an arcanscenti, and an invite to become a guest professor.
8 Rova-Marc meets with Mistress Chyrsanthia Sardion at Alyssia’s (a teahouse), who resolves to give him a practical etiquette test the next day.
11 Rova-Tala participates in a 12 vs. 12 mass battle, “recreating” the Seige of Porthmos during the Grand Campaign; Tala is placed (along with Felicia) on the Qadiran team, and dressed up as a “Vudran mercenary”, while actors narrate the two sides from the sidelines. She gets into single combat with Kyras (dressed as a Taldan mage) and is eventually defeated, but in the meantime, the Qadiran team wins. Kyras is invited for dinner, and eventually convinced to follow the party back to Leithawyn when they leave.
13 Rova-Blackblade suggests the party finish up their training with him in a one-week every-day “crunch” (as he’s between his usual class sessions), and the party begins training.
15 Rova-Marcian receives the results back from Mistress Sardion’s Etiquette Test, on which he received a 93%, “good enough for an adventurer”.
19 Rova-The party trio finishes their heroic training montage with Blackblade, learning valuable new techniques.
20 Rova-Tala confirms her next two fights, an unlimited monster battle and an unlimited duel.
20-22 Rova-Nora silvers her mace, makes a matching masterwork silver light mace for Marc, and makes herself a masterwork cold iron dagger.
25 Rova-Tala, alongside Ter’unda, Alina D’Evronna (a wizardness), and Lewen Coolmorning (priest of Desna), fight a calikang imported from Jalmeray. Alina is mostly-killed by its energy blast, but the three remaining three persevere and defeat the guardian giant. It grants Tala one of its swords, Rudvamarga, in a ritual surrender, in honor of her valor and leadership.
26 Rova-Nora builds a custom quick-scabbard for Rudvamarga.
27 Rova-Tala fights in a solo duel with Ormiz of the Four Winds, a janni swordsman, who despite disarming Tala of all three of her war fans, is eventually brought down via a feint and swift invisibility combo by Tala drawing Rudvamarga. After watching the last match of the day (Kyras the Green vs. a monk/sorcerer, “Folgman of the Fiery Fists”), Tala receives her Bronze Sword Pin. (Kyras is also there, and gets his Silver Sword Pin.)
28 Rova-In the midst of post-Irorium celebrations, the trio see a performance of the Andoren Chelish-style comic opera “House of Fune, House of Cards”.

Lamashan [Turn 17]
-Leithawyn claims the plains north of the statue of Erastil, sets up farmland there, and builds roads connecting it to the rest of the inhabited Narlmarches.
Event: Was That Here Yesterday-Cottage Industry: As the kingdom set up roads, it was discovered that a reclusive druid of Erastil and bowyer/fletcher set up a “smithy”, rebuilding on the ruins of a hunting lodge next to the Statue of Erastil, and a few brave immigrants build cabins nearby.
8 Lamashan-Having sent notice, the party heads to the Grand Lodge to meet venture-captain Ambrus Valin and begin their abbreviated training. They discuss the terms with Ambrus and are taken on a tour of the Pathfinder campus by another venture-captain, Shevala Iorae.
The party trains as (advanced) Pathfinder Initiates.
20 Lamashan-The guns arrive from Awan Toawren, and are held back until the trio is ready for their final Confirmation tasks.

Neth [Turn 18]
-Leithawyn establishes a logging camp in the Narlmarches, and establishes the village of Hodanskeep around the rebuilt abandoned keep (Bastion, Noble Villa, Town Hall, House), with the Rostlandic Hanvaki family moving to Hodanskeep, as they had previously lived near the Issian border and feared being the first to be burned or pillaged in an insurrection or civil war.
The party trains as (advanced) Pathfinder Initiates.
10 Neth-Their training complete, the trio is released to their final Confirmation tests. Marc, to obtain a top tier invitation to the Dance Hall of Kortos, Nora to obtain the Assembler’s signature on a letter from the Clockwork Cathedral, and Tala to rediscover her name and occupation, pre-amnesia. The party checks over the guns, revealing four works of arts engraved and inset with silver and gold, and each with a platinum medallion with a kobold hand shaking a human hand. In addition, the case contains all the necessary powder and accessories for 20 shots with each firearm.
11 Neth-The party proceeds to prep for their tasks, Marc meeting with Jirani, Nora researching the Clockwork Cathedral, and Tala visiting Arnaud Helneaux, a healer-priest of Milani the Everbloom. Marcian speaks with Casimir and Ulthred via the speaking stone, catching up on Leithawyn’s possible exports.
12 Neth-Marc and Jirani navigate the mercenary companies, guilds, and power players of the tiered balconies of the Grand Dance Hall, only for Marc to have a meeting with Lord Celedo Morilla, and there’s the implication that he made things easy for Marc.
Meanwhile, Tala visits the Pleasure Salon of Calistria, asking them for information, and is given a posh waiting room courtesy of Felendra.
Meanwhile, Nora buys gear and sets off for the Clockwork Cathedral.
13 Neth-With offscreen help from Lady Dyrianna of Avenstar, the head of the salon, Tala meets ‘Silana’ Silandlara Vebeshyl, an old friend of hers, and learns that she was once Mirandael, a rural Kyonin orphan that joined The Bluebirds of Fireani, a female adventuring club. Miran, a zealous worshipper of the ‘revenge’ portions of the Calistrian Faith, wandered off to Galt a few years into its Red Revolution.
Tala and Marc have a late lunch with Silana, Marc buys an interesting mithral pocketwatch, and Nora continues sequence breaking the Clockwork Cathedral.
14 Neth-Marc and Tala spend the day around town, and at dusk, rush over to the Clockwork Cathedral after an explosion, to find Nora and a faerie dragon, Fenealix, running down the side of the structure. The trio plus Fenealix catch up on things at a coffee den, and then return to the Twin Dragon House.
15 Neth-The party turns in their Confirmation Tasks, and are confirmed as Pathfinders in a short ceremony, gifted with journals and wayfinders. The party contacts their associates to inform them of their intent to leave.
18 Neth-The party, plus Awan Towaren and Kyras the Green, teleport to Restov with the help of Silana’s coworker Cendon, only to be caught in a storm of freezing rain.
22 Neth-The party plus Awan Towaren and Kyras return to Nelduin.
24 Neth-The trio, Argas, Casimir, and Awan Towaren visit the Sootscales, and sign a formal agreement of equal terms with the Sootscales, establishing the Sootscale enclave within Leithawyn. Sootscale kneecaps and then headbashes an Asmodean rabblerouser before giving a speech to the kobold immigrants.

Kuthona [Turn 19]
-The Sootscales are formally added to the kingdom, with four hexes annexed, including the Sootscale Caverns, and roads extended there. The kobolds bring a gift of silver and a commemorative silver plaque, with the same image as Awan put on the guns.
-A vast Wedding celebration is held in Nelduin, with nearly the whole kingdom in attendance. Tala becomes the Duchess of Leithawyn, with Kundal as her successor as Marshal. Maegar Varn, his wife Tresia, and their only daughter Lyriina attend along with Cephal Lorentus and Willas Gundarson, Varn’s wizard and ranger companions. Lyriina is to attend the First Academy.
-The kingdom reaches the size and title of Duchy of Leithawyn.
12 Kuthona-Marcian, now Duke Marcian, turns 26. Tala proposes to Marc.
25-26-The Royal Wedding (see above)

4712 AR
Abadius [Turn 20]
-Kyras the Green establishes a mage’s tower (and a small private garden) on the outskirts of Nelduin. The core of the “tower” is a massive living oak tree, somehow made by combining tree feather tokens, which is then hollowed out and added to as needed. Kyras carefully unpacks his collection of quarterstaffs from his bag of holding, purchases a few display cases of local wood, and spends his days crafting, gardening, and perfecting himself. He also gets a kobold manservant named Rekyik.
Event: Unusual Migrations: A strange migration of dire animals flees an early winter storm in Rostland, and the kingdom’s rangers are able to both limit the damage, and create a boom in the fur trade.
8 Abadius-Tala and Marc take their honeymoond on the Lake of Mists and Veils in Issia, Brevoy. Meanwhile Nora enchants her bow, crafts a set of adamantine throwing knives, enchants her cold iron Aldori sword with the power of magical force, naming it Tharutha, and working with Rita to make another Field Provisions Box and a handy haversack of her own.
28 Abadius-Tala celebrates her birthday.

Calistril [Turn 21][Year 3]
-Leithawyn establishes Ironscale near the Sootscale Caverns, with Awan Towaren establishing his own gunworks.
Event: Trendsetter. Dire Beaver Hats are the latest thing, especially in Hodanskeep and Tatzlford, courtesy of last month’s influx and the influence of the Hanvaki family.

Pharast [Turn 22]
-Leithawyn continues to expand, gaining more farmland on the fertile Rostlandic plains on its northern edge, while Edwin’s Everyday Emporium expands to a full bazaar in Levetown, bringing prosperity to that waystop.

Gozran [Turn 23]
-Leithawyn finally claims the Thorn River Crossing and the Temple of the Elk, while extending roads in the Kobold farmlands, and expanding the new town of Ironscale with two kobold-run businesses, The Dragon’s Egg inn and the Stag’s Head Tavern.
Event: Protests: Fanatics and rabblerousers vehemently protest the alliance with the Sootscales and even the notion of treating the “lizardpests” as equals. Luckily, the majority of the populace does not agree with the movement, and instead of using the defense forces to quell the movement, copies of the treaty are posted at all five towns and locals at townhall meetings stand up for Leithawyn’s policies, defusing the protests, reducing the damage to a single point of Unrest.

Desnus [Turn 24]
-Leithawyn expands its farms in its northernmost realms, near the barbarian cairn, as well as nabbing the Frog Pond and its hot springs.
19 Desnus-Argahn ‘the Anvil’ comes to visit Leithawyn, bringing along ranger ‘Deadeye’ Ridar, priestess of Torag Velgna, and human sorcerer Haldin. They chat and get up to speed, Argahn offering his help if his group is within the River Kingdoms and Leithawyn is in peril.

Sarenith [Turn 25]
-Leithawyn sends out trade envoys to the Wildwood Lodge, Andoran’s Eagle Talon Coster, and Taldor’s Westport Company.
Event: Economic Boon: News of the trade missions being sent out increases business and trade throughout the kingdom.
21 Sarenith-Rogan Morthaun, Leithawyn’s agent in Pitax, reports that over the past few years, King Irovetti of Pitax has become increasingly draconian and tyrannical, and is saving up his treasury, possibly for war.

Erastus [Turn 26]
-Leithawyn begins establishing defensive walls around Nelduin and Tatzlford, and improves the Shrike River between Nelduin and Ironscale for full river traffic.

Arodus [Turn 27]
-Nelduin’s walls are finished, and Leithawyn begins improving the Skunk River, with the intent to build a waterway to Tatzlford.
21 Arodus-Nordlara turns 64.
Event: Vanished Without a Trace: A wagon train along the ever-safe Nelduin-Levetown trail is found, its contents intact, with no signs of life, humanoid or animal. Rumors spread like wildfire. The drivers and oxen are never found. The rangers investigate, and find no evidence of foul play, or even monster attack. The sole clue is that Saki reports that Pete relates that the area near the wagon feels “off”, though no magic or other forces are detected.

Rova [Turn 28]
-Levetown’s walls are finished, and the canal improvements are fully extended to Tatzlford.

Lamashan [Turn 29]
-Leithawyn claims the the area around Garuum’s homestead, Tuskgutter’s former lair, and the Lonely Barrow, developing the barrow’s hills into farmland. The long-overlooked fort at Nelduin’s heart is upgraded into a Fortress.

Neth [Turn 30]
-Leithawyn claims the Fairy Nest, Nettle’s Crossing, the Radish Patch, establishing farmland in the latter two.
Event: Are You Asking for a Challenge?: A minor swordlord of the true Aldori swordpact from Restov, Burac ‘the Storm’ Aldori comes to Leithawyn, challenging Marcian’s honor as an Aldori-warrior-king. Burac is soundly defeated to first blood, and Burac carries news of Marcian’s (and Leithawyn’s) valor back to Restov.

Kuthona [Turn 31]
-Leithawyn establishes the Hodanskeep Armory (a garrison) in Hodanskeep, along with a granary to held feed the growing military town.
Event: Practical Pedantic Pedagogy: Baronet Iacomo Lutensia, a minor Chelish noble-turned-bumbling-Pathfinder, is compiling a book on “Religions, Faiths, and Cults of the River Kingdoms”. He visits Leithawyns on his round, and is astonished by the kobolds’ rejection of typical evil religions. He gets permission to interview them extensively, and unknowingly tells them of two minor goddesses, Alseta, the goddess of doorways and transitions, and Brigh, goddess of invention and machines, whom the Sootscales officially adopt their as religions of choice. Since the Stolen Lands were his last locale to interview, the bumbling theologist stays the month at the Curious Wyvern, finishing up his manuscript and giving Leithawyn two of his first two copies, pro bono, with one of the two given to the party as a personal copy.

4713 AR
Abadius [Turn 32]
-With some grumbling (and Munguk’s help), the mill in Nelduin is tore down and relocated further south to free up space for a proper waterfront, and a pier is established, with Radan Varund, a riverfolk priest of Hanspur taking up post as harbormaster.
Event: Disaster: An arsonist sets fire to one of the classrooms of the First Academy in the middle of the night, which quickly catches ablaze. Nelduin is on top of it, forms a bucket brigade, and the students make good use of spells to put out the fire, but roughly half of the Academy will have to be rebuilt. Akiros and the duchal guards capture the perp, a Riverfolk rogue. With two student deaths, the unrepentant arsonist is marched up a scaffold and hung, before being cremated, his ashes given to the Shrike River as a blessing to Hanspur.

Calistril [Turn 33][Year 4]
-The Academy is rebuilt, and Master Khoran gives a rededication speech in honor of the two students killed, followed by the Hanvaki family starting a scholarship trust in those students’ honor.
23 Calistril: Edrist Hanvaki, youngest son of that family, reveals that his older brother is missing, due back on a trip from Varnhold, and sets up a reward for his return.
30 Calistril-A messenger from Restov delivers a message from Jamandi Aldori in Restov, revealing that Varnhold has dropped out of contact. The party preps to explore the Nomen Heights

Pharast [Turn 34]
-Leithawyn sends out its first trade shipment to the Wildwood druids further down the Sellen.
-Ironscale establishes the Shrike Steelworks, a smithy to aid Awan’s Gunsmithing.
8 Pharast-The party heads out from Nelduin, taking the kingdom’s roads to the Lonely Barrow and then heading southeast into the Nomen Heights.
9 Pharast-The party continues heading northeast towards Varnhold, coming across a lone scarred mastodon, but is able to “talk” it down with Essiya’s druidic skills.
11 Pharast-The party explores the mountain pass northwest of Varnhold, fighting off a pack of gargoyles in a pre-Varnhold era ruined watchtower.
12 Pharast-The party arrives at the village of Varnhold, finding it devoid of people, as if they got up and left mid-activity a couple weeks ago. Investigating the village, the party finds that Willas Gundarson retrieved an ancient jade bracelet (nowhere to be found), Maestro Pendrod of Taldor is likewise missing, with ‘NOMEN’ carved on the inn door. The party finds that after the village was abandoned, a tribe of spriggans looted what they could and set up camp in the village’s fort. The party raids the stockade and blockhouse, killing the spriggans, including their leader Agai, before investigating the blockhouse and piecing together Varn’s partial map of the region.
13 Pharast-A late-winter snowstorm keeps the party at the stockade; they hunker down and plan their next moves.
14 Pharast-The party trudges through the snow south, confirming that the Culchek spriggans’ former cave was abandoned after they moved into Varnhold.
15 Pharast-The party returns to Varnhold, before riding up the trail northeast.
16 Pharast-The party explores the western half of the area around the Kiravoy Bridge, finding abandoned farms before meeting a grizzly bear in the night that Heskal chases off.
17 Pharast-The party explores the east half of the hex, finding a single occupied farm, with a stubborn farmer, Abadek, and his son, Inek, who are waiting out the last of winter. He relates tales of spriggan and centaur raids, and monsters, and though he doesn’t know the cause of the Vanishing, his last neighbor claimed to see giants in the area of Varnhold a few days before.
18 Pharast-The party rides north, finding Tomin Hanvaki’s body and effects, and recovering them.
19 Pharast-The party finds the ettercap lair, provoking the creatures into a perfectly one-sided battle, while Argas receives the dwarven warhammer “Toesmasher”.
21 Pharast-The party comes down out of the mouth of the Red Kiravoy and into its juncture with the Kiravoy, seeing a tawny roc overhead.
23 Pharast-The party discovers and maps the Crooked Falls waterwalls at the Shrike and Crooked rivers.
24 Pharast-The party finishes off exploration of the Crooked River, placating an irritable grizzly bear.
25 Pharast-The party discovers and maps the breathtaking Shrike Cascade waterfall, and discuss the possibility of installing semi-experimental dwarven mitre-gate canal locks on the Shrike.
26-27 Pharast-The party finishes mapping out the northern corner of the Nomen Heights.
28 Pharast-The party, using a combination of a hammock-based sling, bull strength’s, and fly, retrieves two roc’s eggs from Talon Peak, Nora and Fenealix using invisibility and an illusory image of a rival roc to draw the returned black roc from distract it long enough to nab the second egg and a bundle of three-foot black feathers.
29 Pharast-The party returns to Leithawyn, informing Jemanda Orlashen of the discovery of Maestro Pendrod’s effects but not him. The party returns to Nelduin and delivers the roc eggs to Jamery at Crackjaw’s Canteen after enjoying dinner and drinks.
30 Pharast-The party returns Tomin Hanvaki’s remains to his family, informing them of his death, before selling off the Culcheks’ magical and masterwork gear to the Sootscales.

Gozran [Turn 35]
-With the help of the Hanvaki family, the Tomin Hanvaki Memorial Cemetery is established in Hodanskeep.
-A gaming pitch is established near the First Academy in Nelduin.
-Leithawyn sends out its first trade shipments to the Eagle’s Talon Coster and the Westport Company.
-Nelduin begins prepping to expand into a new district to the north.
Event: Was That Here Yesterday-Ordinary Village: The Temple of the Elk has become a pilgrimage site for hunters, trappers, and faithful of Erastil, with a few rough-and-tumble types permanently setting up shop there.
-Nora tracks downs copies of shrink item, blood biography, and mass resist energy, adding them to her spellbook.
-Argas visits the Iron Hammer Smithy in Tatzlford to commission a mighty suit of custom-reinforced full plate armor.
1 Gozran-The party loans Ulthred the Sage Maestro Pendrod’s books. Argas heads to Tatzlford to commission his armor. Nora commissions smelling salts, auran masks, and ironbane and stonebreaker acids from Delatia.
2 Gozran-Rita commissions Nora to enchant her glaive, and starts on a vest of endure elements and a pearl of power for herself.
3 Gozran-Nora finishes Rita’s glaive, and starts on enchanting Essiya’s scimitar.
5 Gozran-Nora finishes Essiya’s scimitar and starts enchanting her own weapons.
9 Gozran-Nora finishes enchanting her admantine throwing knives, and silver sword with sonic properties, which she christens Donraavea, “Roaring Silver”. Nora picks up her alchemical supplies. Meanwhile, the Gorbasken Invitational Omelet Bakeoff and Roc Omelet Tasting Jamboree brings in chefs from around the region, and 6 BP in capital.
10 Gozran-Ulthred reveals that the ‘Nomen’ tribe name for the centaurs probably once referred to a “No Man’s Island”, later “Nomen Island”, of which the centaurs had guardianship, and it’s possible that the message on th inn door referred to this. Ulthred also mentions possibilities of mineral wealth south of Lake Silverstep, and a silver dragon in the far southern Tors. The party heads out to meet with the centaurs.
11 Gozran-The party travels east-northeast from the Shrike to Varnhold Pass. That night, they fight off and slay a near-ambush from a chimera.
12 Gozran-The party rides east of Varnhold, searching and confirming the Varnling Host’s map en route.
13 Gozran-The party rides into the Dunsward, where they meet a centaur warband. After politely revealing Skybolt, they are escorted to the Nomen camp, where they return the bow Skybolt and have an audience with Aecora Silverfire, war-priestess of the Nomen, who reveals the Nomen side of the story of both her tribe and the Varnhold colonization. Although they they’ve lost track of “Nomen Island”, the Nomen tell the party of the silver dragon Amvarean’s lair, and suggest they seek her while they check their own taboo site(s).
14 Gozran-Amidst the start of snow and later thundersnow, the party slogs their way south, making it 20 miles before hunkering down on the edge of the Tors.
15 Gozran-The party clambers south into the tors.
16 Gozran-The party find Amvarean’s lair, finding her bones and evidence of her death by black dragon, and is ambushed by a pair of frost drakes. On the way down the Tors, the party runs into a party of cyclopes who accuse the party of witchcraft against their kin; a fight breaks out and the two surviving giants retreat.
17 Gozran-The party explores the hex northeast of the empty dragon’s lair.
18 Gozran-The party finds the entrance to the Valley of the Dead, but chooses not to explore it without the blessing of the Nomen tribe; they head northeast.
19 Gozran-The party continues northeast, finding evidence of a planar “thin spot” with the First World.
20 Gozran-The party finds, but does not intrude upon the Linnorm’s Grave and its mastodon graveyard.
21 Gozran-The party heads back southwest, mapping out the other corner of the Tors and the valley, sighting the good omen of giant eagles flying.
22 Gozran-The party confirms the map of the former southern border of Varnhold, meeting a second centaur warband led by Cleona Swiftmoor. The party shares the news of Amvarean’s death and the cyclops band, and Cleona mentions that another warband recently killed an undead cyclops.
23 Gozran-The party, in heavy fog, meets up with the Nomen, and again talk with Aecora, discussing the situation; the centaurs will try peaceful methods of placating spirits before any violent solutions are attempted.
24 Gozran-The party heads northwest into the fog, finding the peluda chased off by the centaurs earlier that morning, and defeating it after Tala cleaves off its tail.
25 Gozran-The party heads up to the spider fields, and steamrolls over 9 giant spiders, collecting 80 yards of giant spider silk in the process.
26 Gozran-With a flight spell to help, the party maps the spider fields before heading home, stopping at Nivakta’s Crossing for the night at an inn.
27 Gozran-The party gets to within 20 miles of Levetown, close to their original roadside campsite.
28 Gozran-The party rides through Levetown, getting as far as the gold mine.
29 Gozran-The party arrives back in Nelduin; Argas’s custom full plate has arrived early.
30 Gozran-Nora enchants Argas’s armor; Marc and Tala visit the kobolds, where Sootscale suggests that his favorite scout/“problem solver” replace Lira as Royal Assassin.

Desnus [Turn 36]
—Snick Clack replaces Lira as Royal Assassin, Lira heading to Mivon to continue her training in the Aldori style.
—Leithawyn claims the remaining portions of the Tuskwater and Candlemere, including Candlemere Tower, building roads and a bridge across the Candlemere, and Tuskwater, and establishing a vineyard on the Tuskwater.
—Ironscale gains city walls and establishes a mill.
Event: Industrial Accident: An accident involving a cave-in kills four kobold and one human miner, and closes the gold mine, despite a daring rescue of a dozen trapped miners; the kingdom temporarily loses the benefit of the mine until it can be repaired.
1-7 Desnus-The sells their spoils, turns in the spider silk, Marc gets magic arrows courtesy of Nora, Nora and Delatia work on alchemical items, while Essiya checks up on the kingdom. Tala and Argas take Snick-Clack for a tour of Nelduin, ending with drinks and owlbear stories.
8 Desnus-Nora enchant’s Essiya’s dragonhide armor.
9 Desnus-The party sets off, riding north towards Levetown.
10 Desnus-The party takes shelter in the empty Fort Serenko from a thunderstorm, running into a trader taking furniture and fabric to Levetown.
11 Desnus-The party confirms the map of the hex north of the Spider Fields through the rain.
12 Desnus-The party wakes to heavy fog, mapping another hex and bumping into elk.
13 Desnus-The party finds the Nomen Burial Grounds…and Saki mysteriously there on her own; a group of manticores interrupts the discussion, but are quickly driven off, the party getting the spikes they need for their quest.
14 Desnus-The party heads southwest, mapping the Dunsward.
15 Desnus-The party maps southeast, seeing a Nomen group on the horizon.
16 Desnus-The party is ambushed by a Soul Eater outsider during the night; Nora is briefly dead before the creature is slain, and the party packs up to take respite with the Nomen. Aecora reveals that Xamanthe is missing, having gone into the Valley of the Dead by herself, and that the “Great Dragon’s Grave” had a holy weapon. The party rests up and barters for healing supplies, exploring the rest of the hex with the Nomens’ blessing.
17 Desnus-The party sets off during a thunderstorm, returning to the Linnorm’s Grave, fighting off three undead mastodons to claim Gorfallaner (“Healer of dread”), a weakly empathic intelligent spear, before heading to the Valley of the Dead, finding a massive, ancient cyclopean graveyard. The party snipes a pair of zombie cyclopes, and makes its way up the massive, winding stone steps.
18 Desnus-The party finds Nomen Island, is assaulted by wyverns en route, finds their loot (including an Issian +3 greatsword), before strolling into Vordakai’s Tomb, fighting undead cyclopes, avoiding traps, rescuing Xamanthe, and taking a break, before returning to the dungeon, pushing through to meet the mastermind of the vanishing, an ancient cyclops lich by the name of Vordakai. He and his graveknight are defeated, destroyed utterly, and the surviving Varnholders are found in soul jars.
19 Desnus-The party collects loot, heals up, and retreats from the conquered dungeon, making it down to the Valley of the Dead and its now-harmless grave stele.
20 Desnus-In the early morning, on-watch-Marcian is thanked by a blodeuwedd. The party meets with the Nomen, is symbolically accepted into the tribe, given spiffy epithets, the bow Skybolt, potions, and a treaty.
21 Desnus-The party rides into Restov, again staying at the Old Kelpie Inn and Tavern.
22 Desnus-Amidst rain, the party visits Elder Ezvanki Keegh at the temple of Erastil; Nora is healed of her feeblemindedness, and the Varnhold “survivors” in soul jars are given to the temple for rehabilitation.
25 Desnus-Late that night, the party arrives back in Nelduin.
27 Desnus-Tala and Marc inform Lyriina Varn of her parents’ death and the fate of Varnhold.
28 Desnus-Tala, Casimir, and Marcian send missives to Mivon, Pitax, and Fort Drelev, informing them of the undead cylcopes and warning them in case of any stragglers, as well as asking for possible trade agreements.
29 Desnus-Casimir sends out a missive to Restov, informing them of the alliance with the Nomen centaurs.
30 Desnus-Marcian meets with Ulthred, discussing the and copying off the tablets.

Sarenith [Turn 37]
-A shrine to Desna is built opposite Oleg’s Trading Post in Levetown.
-The remaining two hexes in the northern corner of the Greenbelt are annexed, along with Forgotten Cache and the hex southeast of Nettle’s Crossing, expanding Leithawyn into the Greenbelt.
-The mine is repaired with the help of the Lyre of Building recovered from Vordakai’s Tomb.
1-7 Sarenith-Having sold their spoils (and slightly flooded the market with coinage), the party decide what to do with their 127,558 gp in spoils. Essiya checks in with the fey of the Narlmarches, while Snick-Clack returns to Ironscale to update the kobolds. Nora begins and finishes enchanting Briar.
8 Sarenith-Nora begins enchanting Rudvamarga, whilst Rita starts working on the duchal circlets.
9 Sarenith-The “Nomen Problem” reward arrives, along with a missive from Swordlord Jamandi Aldori noting that due to simmering political problems, Leithawyn is de jure an independent political entity and its own River Kingdom.
15 Sarenith-Nora finishes Rudvarmarga.
16 Sarenith-Nora begins work on enhancing Taladael’s armor.
18 Sarenith-Nora finishes Tala’s armor and starts on Snick-Clack’s rifle.
20 Sarenith-Nora finishes Snick-Clack’s rifle and begins working on his custom +1 bane cartridges.
21 Desnan Ritual of Stardust [Summer Solstice]
23 Sarenith-Rita finishes the first duchal circlet.
27 Sarenith-Rita finishes the druid vestments, and starts on an amulet of natural armor for Essiya.
30 Sarenith-Nora finishes the cartridges.

Erastus [Turn 38]
-Walls are starting to be erected in Tatzlford. The Shrike Foundry (Siege Works) is established in Ironscale.
-Roads are established through the former Thorn River Camp.
Event: Public Scandal: News of the gritty details of Vordakai and the death of the Varnholders nearly causes an uproar, until the details of the Order of the Sapphire Star ending the threat and re-establishing Varnhold, the Sapphire Star party personally making a treaty with the centaurs that eluded Restov and Varn for years, and oh yes, the party’s track record for taking the safety of the kingdom into their direct hands.
3 Erastus-Archerfeast (holiday of Erastil with archery competitions) is held, with Snick-Clack, Tala, and Argas participating at various eventts.
5 Erastus-Rita finishes the amulet of natural armor for Essiya.
9 Erastus-Rita finishes the second duchal crown, and a missive arrives from Restov, informing the party that Restov must sever political ties with Leithawyn, and oh yes, a reward for making peace with the centaurs.
10 Erastus-Nora finishes Marc’s admantine sword and starts on his chain shirt. Rita crafts Nora an efficient quiver.
12 Erastus-Nora finishes Marc’s chain shirt and starts and finishes enchanting Argas’s shield.
13-14 Erastus-Nora enchant’s Argas’s armor. The party starts researching the Eye of Abaddon. Essiya travels to Restov to buy supplies for herself.
15 Erastus-Nora begins work on Toesmasher. The party turns up cursory details on the Eye of Abaddon, including its ultimate “Haunting Beckon” presumably used on the Varnholders.
22 Erastus-Nora finishes work on Toesmasher.
23-24 Erastus-Nora transmutes and further enchants her own armor.
25-29 Erastus-Nora enchants Tharutha. Marcian and Tala write the report of the ‘Varnhold Vanishing’ for the Pathfinder Society.
30 Erastus-Nora starts work on Donraavea.

Arodus [Turn 39]
-More walls for Tatzlford
-The hex adjacent to the Varnhold Pass is annexed
-The Gunworks in Ironscale are upgraded with milling technology, allowing for cheaper firearms en masse.
Event: Look What I Found: (9): A small cache of Iobarian relics is found in the southern Narlmarches. Hodanskeep gains a temporary Medium item slot for 1 month, containing a +3 bronze greataxe.
-Word returns from Varnhold that the town has been successfully reestablished.
-Amara, an oracle of Pharasma, and Drusilla, an inquisitor of Calistria, join the ranks of Taladael’s followers.
8 Arodus-Nora finishes Donraavea, and starts on her throwing knives, which she dubs Ilyafara.
14 Arodus-Nora finishes on Ilyafara, finally finished crafting her items.
15 Arodus-Nora takes the day off.
16 Arodus-The party teleports to the gristmill, dropping off their notes on the Varnhold Vanishing along with the stone tablets and the Eye of Abaddon to Venture-Captin Sayrin Firewyne, who thinks a field commission for Snick-Clack is in the works.
17 Arodus-Leithawyn receives a reply from Mivon, extending trade recogntion and a very under-the-table positive response, hesitant of breaking their truce with Pitax.
18 Arodus-Leitawyn receives a reply from Pitax, cautioning them against siezing Pitax’s niche as “grand patron of the arts” and any allegiance with Mivon.
21 Arodus-Nora turns 65.
24 Arodus-The party heads to Varnhold to help the annexation.

Rova [Turn 40]
-Varnhold is annexed and rebuilt, with the Duke and Duchess giving speeches and erecting a memorial to those lost to Vordakai’s machinations, along with expanding the graveyard.
Event: Smuggler Activity: News of semi-official acknowledgement from Mivon and open trade routes brings a temporary boom in trade up the Little Sellen to the Shrike, but along with the finely-finished crossbows, peat fuel for the upcoming winter, and fabrics goods comes pesh and shiver from the gang-run drug parlors of Mivon’s squalid Lower Quarter; Leithawyn’s forces quickly catch those responsible.
1-7 Rova-The party stays in Varnhold’s environs, rebuilding it whereever possible.
8 Rova-The party explores the headwaters of the Kiravoy River.
9 Rova-The party explores the Upper Gudrin River, finding the entrance to Grommor’s Maw and fighting off a giant spider and ooze lairing at the entrance, as well as destroying a trapped altar to Gyronna.
10 Rova-Armed with a bevy of dimension door spells prepped, Nora, Tala, Marc, and Argas jaunt past the golems to explore the rest of the cave, finding a complex poison-and-spiked-acid-pit deathtrap guarding a coffer of gems and a gold altar, as well as a shaft leading to the Darklands, which is soon closed by a stone shape.
11 Rova-The party explores the mud flats, nearly tripping into a bull elk and his harem.
12 Rova-The continues around Lake Silverstep, meeting Fallorine the nixie and On-Glin-Tish the grig, who tell the party about a dragonleaf plant to the south.
13 Rova-The party continues down the Gudrin River, mapping the area and finding wolf spoor.
14 Rova-The party zigs back to the lake, catching silver eels, Nora delivering them via teleportation.
15 Rova-The party explores the main hex of Lake Silverstep.
16 Rova-The party explores the source of Runoff Creek, spotting the Ghost Stone’s glow that night.
17 Rova-The party heads to the Ghost Stone, meeting the phase spider Zzamas, who explains that the stone is a planar weak point that attracts food for her, and that a gang of xill have taken it over. The party defeats the xill, makes a basic alliance with Zzamas, and maps the rest of the hex.
18 Rova-The party explores the Little Sellen downsteam of Vordakai’s Tomb and upstream of Dragonleaf Gulch, discovering Ironstone Gully and exploring the hex.
19 Rova-The finishes exploring the hex, after running into a nest of tatzlwyrms on a clifftop.
20 Rova-The party confronts the giant flytrap in Dragonleaf Gulch, as well as a pair of verdant reavers mysteriously guarding the islet.
21 Rova-The party heads northwest from Dragonleaf Gulch, exploring as they go.
22 Rova-The party continues following the Little Sellen, having a peaceful encounter with a wyvern reputed to fight off trolls.
23 Rova-The party discovers the Waystone, an improvised cairn made from a wagon and a much older menhir.
24 Rova-The party discovers the Whispering Grotto, finding the potential gem mine underneath.
25 Rova-The party stumbles across a full band of eight trolls and three trollhounds, led by a priestess of Urxehl, recovering mining and trading supplies after a quick and brutal skirmish.

Lamashan [Turn 41]
-The kingdom annexes four hexes for use as farmlands in the southeastern Kamelands, stretching southwest towards the Waystone and the two potential mines, establishing farms and roads.
-Leithawyn sends out trade envoys to the Andoran’s Eagle Talon Coster, and Taldor’s Westport Company.
Event: Eureka! News of the discovery of the Whispering Grotto and Ironstone Gully is mixed with news of a new vein of silver in the now well-established silver mine in the Sootscale Caverns. In both cases, the boom is less the actual results and more hopeful prospectors and miners temporarily increasing trade.
08 Lamashan-The party sets forth, traveling south to map out of the last few portions of the Tors within the Stolen Lands proper, getting as far as the Valley of the Dead.
09-10-The party explores the rest of the hex of Vordakai’s Lair.
11 Lamashan-The party dodges a family of brown bears, continuing exploring.
12 Lamashan-The party finishes exploring, getting a sending from High Priest Jhod about a package from the Pathfinders.
15 Lamashan-The party arrives back in Nelduin, receiving a parcel revealing the results of their Pathfinder submission, including Snick Clack getting a field commission, a (slightly modified) wayfinder of spellbreaking, and an IOU for a raise dead.
16 Lamashan-Snick-Clack bugs Rita about commissioning a hat of comprehend languages and read magic for 3380 gp on patron discount, which she has ready in about a week.

Neth [Turn 42]
-Leithawyn carves out passes and bridges the source of the Kiravoy and the former Culchek Camp, sending out the Wildwood Lodge trade mission.
Event: Omen of the Faith[Norgorber]: Omen, Portents, and Ominous Portents during the Full Moon of Neth lead to a temporary influx of “alchemists” into Leithawyn’s borders, looking for rare herbs and plants picked during this auspicious dark moon. Alchemists and Herbalists would have gained temporary item slots. You take a -6 penalty to Stability until your next Event phase; if none of your Districts contain an Alchemist or Herbalist, gain another 1 Unrest.
-Argas begins working on his collected memoirs as a pit fighter.

Kuthona [Turn 43]
-Leithawyn claims Lake Silverstep, Dragonleaf Gulch, Ironstone Gully, and the Whispering Grotto, establishing a farm on the Dragonleaf Gulch and setting up a mine to mine Ironstone Gully.
-The Eagle’s Talon Coster returns with a slight profit.
-Marcian celebrates his birthday on 12 Kuthona (27)
Event: Sensational Crime: A Blackfingers cultist goes on a serial poisoning spree, partially as worship to his dark god, and partially as retaliation for Snick-Clack’s ousting of his fellows. The ‘Unbreakable Mithral Lancers’ step up to the plate: Cathala, Emeria, Sourial, and Amalia team up with Drusilla, who track the perp down, a homely woman disguised in peasant garb, found out for her slight blue skin tint caused by misuse of alchemical silver. She is hauled back to Nelduin for trial. The final toll: 4 deaths, 4 among the elderly and one that was already sick, as well as a dozen more severely sickened victims expected to survive. The cultist is executed by the royal assassin’s bullet, confirmed dead, and then given to the Sellen for Hanspur to do as the fickle god wishes.
07-08 Kuthona-The party heads to Varnhold to see about confronting Kankerata the bulette, and is dissuaded from visitng the Nomen and asking permission by worsening weather.
09 Kuthona-The party confronts and defeats Kankerata the World Eater, returning to the Nomen to tell the tale.
10-15 Kuthona-The party feasts with the Nomen, receiving a bulette bulwark and Marcian’s armor being enchanted with the delving property.

4714 AR
Abadius [Turn 44]
-Leithawyn claims the rest of Lake Silverstep, adding farms to the Kiravoy River basin south of Fort Serenko.
-Taladael celebrates her birthday on the 28th (??)
-The party mounts the taxidermed head of Kankerata in Crackjaw’s Canteen, Nelduin, beside the owlbear.

Calistril [Turn 45][Year 5]
-Leithawyn clears land to build a city on the shores of Lake Silverstep.
-Roads are established in the farm hex east of Varnhold and on the north step of Lake Silverstep
-Leithawyn establishes a mine on the Whispering Grotto
Event: They All Meet in a Tavern: The Shrike River Reclaimers lose 2 of their members in an ill-fated winter encounter with a band of trolls on the far southern Narlmarches, in the no-man’s-land between Leithawyn and Mivon, resulting in a temporary loss of kingdom loyalty.

Pharast [Turn 46]
-Dragonsreach is founded, established a tavern, guildhall, and pier, along with residential districts.
—The Wildwood Lodge mission returns with a profit.
Event: Population Boom: News of Leithawyn’s greatness causes a population boom in Nelduin, as a residential district (ironically just south of Kyras’s Tower) forms from Numerian expatriates fleeing rampaging Kellid barbarian tribes.

Gozran [Turn 47]
-Dragonsreach erects city walls and a garrison.
-The Westpoint Trade Mission is sent out.
—Ironscale gets an unexpected order from the Bearded Fists, a dwarven mercenary band, to equip the entire company with muskets, bringing an unexpected windfall.
Event: Tatzlford Attack (see below)
12 Gozran-The kingdom receives a notice that a warband was spotted north of the Statue of Erastil; the party moves out, receiving a missive from Tatzlford en route.
13 Gozran-The party arrives in Tatzlford, finding one Kisandra Numesti, daughter of Marcian’s mentor Sir Terrion Numesti, who brings word of a Drelev-and-Tiger-Lord force of mercenaries, barbarians, and trolls is en route to attack Tatzlford. The party prepares defenses, and fends off the trolls, including a war troll, (with some slight help from a dragon), and is overwhelmingly victorious. Kisandra asks the party to rescue her father and the town from Drelev’s despotic rule.
14 Gozran-Back in Nelduin, the party is charged for a cow that Kyras the Green (Dragon) ate on his way back. Oleg preps more sidequests!
15-16 Gozran-Nora enchants Snick-Clack’s rifle with the corrosive property.
17-19 Gozran-Nora creates a crystal of fire assault for the duke.

Desnus [Turn 48]
The walls to Tatzlford are rebuilt and completed on the southern and eastern borders
-The farmland north of the Statue of Erastil is rebuilt
-The Eagle’s Talon Coster and Wildwood Lodge missions are sent out
Event: Natural Blessing: A natural event (in this case, a bountiful spring harvest) raises your kingdom’s morale. +4 to Stability until the next Event Phase.
15-16 Desnus-The party sets off into the Hooktongue Slough, west of Hodanskeep, exploring the western edge of the Narlmarches.
17 Desnus-The party finds the Bog of Bones, fighting a trio of bog mummies, apparently once priestesses of Urgathoa, and destroys a nearby, long overgrown altar to Urgathoa.
18 Desnus-The party explores south, avoiding quicksand patches during a thunderstorm.
19 Desnus-The party explores the border with Mivon, a small patch of grassland.
20 Desnus-The party explores the patch of Narlmarches missed previously.
21 Desnus-The party returns to the swamp, meeting and befriending a lunar naga named Ananta, who lairs in a ruined astronomer-wizard’s tower.
22 Desnus-The party spends a few hours of timey-wimey time in a time-echo of Koloran, seeing cyclopes and meeting Count Ranalc before returning to reality and slug hunting.
23 Desnus-The party heads north, meeting with the Bog Striders of Tok-Nikrat and hearing their plight against the boggards to the north from Tok-Tekt, the lone surviving elder.
24 Desnus-The party reaches M’Botuu, Snick-Clack and Fenealix sneaking into the village to locate the captive bog striders before the party mounts an assault. After clearing the surface and freeing the bog striders, the party presses the assault into the boggard caverns where Tala challenges the chief to single combat, but finds him charmed. Nora dispels the effect, and the chief, priest-king Sepoko, instead charges the party to slay a naga, “the legless lady” in exchange for not harassing humanoid river traffic and gold ingots.
25 Desnus-The party rides back towards Tok-Nikrat, arriving at dusk. With the return of the bog striders, the village hosts a feast for the party, revealing much of the map for the region.
26 Desnus-The party explores the hex around Tok-Nikrat, riding towards the Swamp Scar to confront the naga.
27 Desnus-The party rides northeast, fighting off a single calathgar…
28 Desnus
…only to be near-ambushed by six more in the early morning en route to the Swamp Scar. After a brief rest and scouting from a ridge, the party rides in to confront Ngara the spirit naga. Ngara somehow recognizes Taladael and she and her two charmed boggards fought the party. Snick-Clack and Tala wear her down, while Marcian beheads the naga in a single blow. Nora is killed from a supernaturally powerful cone of cold, and brought back to life with the scroll of raise dead from Varnhold’s church.
29 Desnus-The party returns to M’Botuu with the head of Ngara, negiotiating a truce with the humans and bog striders and earning a box of gold ingots.

Sarenith [Turn 49]
-The Westport Trade mission returns.
01 Sarenith-The party returns from their first venture into the Hooktongue Slough.
08 Sarenith-The party rides towards the Hooktongue, reaching Hodanskeep.
09 Sarenith-The party reaches the Watcher’s Tower and visits Ananta.
11 Sarenith-The rain Ananta predicted comes true as the party heads west.
13 Sarenith-The party reaches the refugee camp, a group of 24 (now 18) who fled from Pitax.
14-17 Sarenith-Via multiple teleports, Nora ferries the refugees successfully to Tatzlford, despite a brief attack by a single will-o’-wisp on the 15th.
18 Sarenith-The party rides northeast into Thornhill. After a slightly awkward chat with the bartender of the Drunken Lizard, the party meets the sullen town’s unusually chipper priestess of Sarenrae, Aedwen Sirov, who lets slip that merchants are the one group being allowed in and out of Fort Drelev.
19 Sarenith-The party finds the Lily Patch, carefully harvesting one of the five plants’ pollen and seeds.
20 Sarenith-The party explores Lostlarn Keep, finding it broken apart and inhabited by a hive mind of mimics led by a Failed-Apotheosis. In the center of tower is a cloaker that was apparently hiding from from said mimics. After gleaning information about a mysterious “golden woman” and almost befriending the cloaker, the latter suspects scrying and then erupts into a horrifically-fast fungal disease. Identifying the tower as a planar weak point, the party rushes out and cures the cloaker, named Contemplates Eternity.
21-23 Sarenith-Fearing further reprisals, the party returns to Leithawyn with the eyeless-but-intact cloaker in tow.

Erastus [Turn 50]
—A mint is established in Ironscale.
—A jeweler’s is established in Dragonsreach.
-The Eagle’s Talon and Wildwood trade missions return.
Event: Eureka: The Whispering Grotto on the Little Sellen returns an enormous gold nugget from one of the hard quartz reefs in the cavern system.
08 Erastus-The party sells off the remaining loot from Ngara’s horde and splits the money. As well, Delatia appraises the fixed azure lily pollen (>1500 gp/vial) and Kyras is given the seeds to grow (est. 5-7 years before they bloom).
9-10 Erastus-Snick-Clack researches the plant life that almost killed the cloaker while Taladael interviews Contemplates Eternity.
13-17 Erastus-Essiya performs research at the Gristmill, coming up mostly empty-handed. Marcian covertly purchases a scroll of resurrection from the church of Abadar in New Stetven.
27 Erastus-Nora finishes upgrading Snick-Clack’s rifle and armor.
28 Erastus-Jhod uses the scroll to resurrect the silver dragon Amvarean, who agrees to help safeguard the duchy.

Arodus [Turn 51]
—The Pier in Nelduin is greatly expanded into a full set of docks.
—The church of Erastil in Nelduin expands to become a temple.
09 Arodus-The party arrives back into the Hooktongue Slough’s northeast corner to continue mapping.
10-11 Arodus-The party explores the region adjacent to the Wyvernstone Bridge before hunking down for a .
12 Arodus-The party explores the Wyvernstone Bridge, finding it intact.
13 Arodus-The party heads into the edge of the Glenebon uplands, finding old wagon ruts baked into the semi-badlands.
14 Arodus-Another hex in, the party finds a ruined stone cottage with ruined Large axehead and hill giant footprints.
15 Arodus-The party fights a trio of hill giants and their “pet” manticore, recovering a wagonload of supplies yoinked over the years.
16 Arodus-In the far corner of the Slough/Glenebon, the party finds an abandoned, flooded-out silver mine.
17 Arodus-The party turns south, finding a mesa of wildflowers possibly harvested by Tiger Lords, and spies both sandstone steps down -and a trail leading to distant campfire smoke.
18 Arodus-The party finds a camp of Tiger Lord barbarians holding a group of terrified-looking human women captive. After a ruse to release the nomads’ horses semi-works, the group engages the Tiger Lords in combat. The hostages are rescued and the party enters the dungeon immediately bordering it, leaving Fen to help guard the ladies.
The dungeon turns out to be a trial-filled tomb of the ancient Tiger Lord warlord Armag, and the party faces down priests of Gyronna, traps, a greater daemon, powerful bound skeletal champions, an undying divine guardian, and finally the would-be successor to Armag, slaying him in combat and claiming the original Armag’s treasure horde for themselves. Nora teleports the younger three of the five hostages to safety.
19 Arodus-The remaining hostages are shuttled back to Leithawyn by teleportation.
21 Arodus-The party explores the cloudberry field, finding them in season, along with a slightly perturbed basilisk.
22 Arodus-The party fights off an ambush of tribeless boggards at the mouth of the Sellen river, finding evidence that they had slain a group of Drelev’s men.

Rova [Turn 52]
-The docks in Nelduin are fully upgraded into a Waterfront.
-The college in Nelduin is upgraded to a University.
—The area around Vordakai’s tomb is annexed to the kingdom.
—A fishery is established on Lake Silverstep. Tasty, tasty river eels!
Event: Monster Attack: The logging camp on the Skunk River in the Greenbelt comes under attack from a flight of five wyverns. Kyrasthanx, a.k.a. Kyras the Green, is not happy with wimpy lesser dragons a hex away from his pad, and defeats the pack in combat, sending the kingdom a bill for his services.
08 Rova-Nora and Rita begin crafting various upgradey things.
13 Rova-Rita finishes Marcian’s amulet.

Lamashan [Turn 53]
-The kingdom establishes an orphanage in north Nelduin, the “Home for Wayward Souls”
-Roads are built across the Vordakai’s Tomb hex, creating a mountain pass.
—All three trade missions are sent out.
14 Lamashan-Nora finishes enchanting her armor.
24 Lamashan-Nora finishes enchanting her knives.
30 Lamashan-Nora finishes enchanting her bow.

Neth [Turn 54]
—Tevalkin’s Fineries, a luxury store, goes into Hodanskeep.
Event: Smuggler Activity: A wave of smuggler activity brings 11 BP into the kingdom, along with 5 Unrest as Daggermark poisons, flayleaf, and pesh have a short boom on the market before being broken up by Amvarean.
10 Neth—Nora finishes enchanting Marcian’s bow.
14 Neth—Nora finishes crafting Snick-Clack’s stack of +1 bane bullets.

Kuthona [Turn 55]
Event: Wedding in the Wilds: Sandor Lebeda, the nephew of Dame Sarrona Lebeda, and Elena Khavortorov, a low house known for their mastery of the Aldori sword, are set to wed in Leithawyn.
—The Eagle’s Talon and Wildwood trade missions return.
2 Kuthona-Shrike Steelworks reworks Tala’s old mail armor for Snick-Clack.
3 Kuthona-Nordlara buys several high-level spell scrolls to add to her book.

4715 AR
Abadius [Turn 55]
—Nelduin gets a Foreign Quarter and more walls: After the 100 year return of Baba Yaga and the ousting of Queen Elvanna, many of the lesser nobility descended from Elvanna, known as the Jadwiga Elvanna, and their Ulfen peasantry fled the country over the Crown of the World as a result of the coup, rather than be marginalized in the new regime.
The more powerful Jadwiga stayed behind, as they typically had enough money and connections to not care. Repelled by the unusually fierce polar storms, they retreat from the antipodal continent across the Lake of Mists and Veils and after a spat in Brevoy, decide to settle in Leithawyn.
—The kingdom establishes a Logging Camp on the former Thorn River bandit camp.
10 Abadius-The party arrives back in the Hooktongue Slough.
11 Abadius-The party maps out the quicksand-riddled Sinking Bog.
14 Abadius-In the midst of a blizzard, the party stumbles across a Chimera pride. In the ensuing fight, Rudvamarga is melted in a blast of chimeric flame.
15 Abadius—The party maps out an aurumvorax den.
16 Abadius-The party finds a long-dead Taldan explorer of the extinct Drumman family.
18 Abadius-The finds the lair of the notorious Speartooth, and lies in wait, finally killing the beast.
19 Abadius-The party camps out during a coldsnap that drops temps to 18 below 0°F.
21 Abadius-The party moves east, into the stomping grounds of a nuckelavee, drawing it out before felling the monster.

Calistril [Turn 56][Year 6]
—The kingdom hunkers down through the winter.
8-12 Calistril: Nora, Tala, and Argas reforge a new Rudvarmarga of living steel. Nora will then spend the next month enchanting.
Event: Ghosts of Kingdoms Past: A party of 8 consisting of: Saki, Rita Var-Yelsin, Amara, Lyriina Varn, and the Unbreakable Mithral Lancers (Cathala, Emeria, Sourial, and Amalia) breaks into a recently-uncovering sublevel in the upper Darklands under the tower, and faces off against a witchfire, the burning ghost of a powerful hag, who was in cahoots with a small cabal of Denizens of Leng and their pet gug.

Pharast [Turn 57]
—The kingdom trades in favors to get a periapt of proof vs. poison for Kyrasthanx. Kyras approves, and likewise promises his tactical support to the kingdom in future battles, for free.
-Nelduin sends the Eagle Talon’s Coster out.
Event: Omen of the Faith (Calistria): Omens, signs, and portents of unusual veracity point to Calistria being waxing. Worshipers and priests of the Savored Sting flock to Leithawyn, which unfortunately brings 1 Unrest. Leithawyn gains +2 Economy and Loyalty until the next Event Phase.
13 Pharast: Rudvamarga 2.0 is fully enchanted. The party sets out to breach Fort Drelev.
17 Pharast: The party reaches Fort Drelev and receives a briefing from Satinder Morne, Calistrian madam of the local brothel.
18 Pharast: The party infiltrates Fort Drelev through its escape tunnel, rescuing Lord Terrion Numesti, before stumbling upon Baron Drelev and his court wizard Imeckus Stroon in the throne room. A running battle against the two and their garrison of mercenaries ensues. As Drelev and Stroon are slain, the bivouacked hill giants join the fight. The party slays the giants and successfully calls for the garrison to disband. In exploring the rest of the keep, Baroness Drelev-Stroon is captured, and Drelev’s presumed prisoner/mistress ‘Lady’ Quintessa Maray is freed.

Gozran [Turn 58]
—The kingdom sends 20 BP in aid to make Fort Drelev liveable.
—The party claims the hex to the direct north of Hodanskeep, along with the hexes that once contained the Blighted Hollow, the Mad Hermit, and the Lair of the Lizard King, and a new farm hex.
—Nelduin builds a park with magical fountain and expands the First Academy to a true Academy.
—Snick-Clack rebuilds the empty inn in Fort Drelev, renaming it “The Smashed Mage”.
—Terrion Numesti reunites with his daughters in Tatzlford, and recovers from his malnourishment in Drelev’s jail.
—Rita adds the magical “striding” ability to Taladael’s Boots of the Winterlands.
—Tala works on her teamwork while Marcian works on refining his style under Numesti’s tutelage [effectively retraining to Unchained rogue et al.]

Desnus [Turn 59]
—Fort Drelev and the hexes around the north of the Hooktongue Slough are annexed. Fort Drelev is renamed “Pyre’s Gate”. Snick-Clack gets the Smashed Mage furnished.
—City walls are built in Pyre’s Gate and Hodanskeep.
—A military academy is established in Pyre’s Gate, and the slums nearby upgraded.
—Farmlands and a vineyard are establish northeast of Pyre’s Gate.
—The remaining two trade missions are sent out.
Event: Bandit Activity: Bandits attack the southern Kamelands as well as the Rostlandic border near Levetown. The former are a strange combination of trolls and ex-Drelev thugs, while the latter are Kellid raiders from Numeria. The kingdom’s rangers plus Kyras the Green ROFLstomp the trolls and their human allies. Amvarean singlehandedly routs the Numerian bandits.
Bonus Event: Leithawyn receives a missive inviting them as provisional (non-voting) members of the Outlaw Council, to be held in Erastus.

Sarenith [Turn 60]
—The kingdom claims the Wyvernstone Bridge and its environs in the Slough, the old Owlbear Lair in the Greenbelt, and Grommor’s Maw in the Nomen Heights.
—A mill is added to Pyre’s Gate to alleviate future food shortages, and a granary in Tatzlford. Two more farms are established on the northern edges of the Slough.
—The party RSVPs to attend the Outlaw Council.
—Nordlara crafts Marcian a +1 menacing living steel cinquedea as a royal sidearm.
15 Sarenith: While exploring the west of the Slough, the party mets and parleys with Metzama, a male dark naga, who shares with them the location of the long-sought wild horses.
17 Sarenith: The party finds the herd of horses led by an awakened horse named Windchaser, and successfully negiotiates for a male stallion that would otherwise likely be shunned from the herd after challenging its leadership.
21 Sarenith: The party reaches a trail leading to Sarain, and with it, the de facto border with Pitax’s holdings to the south.
25 Sarenith: The Duke, Duchess, Royal Bodyguard, and Magister arrive in Daggermark for the Outlaw Council.
Diplomatic Letter-“Irovetti has been moving unusual amounts of money in and out of his treasury. While his mouthpiece bards lambast your kingdom in public, as is typical, the criers now blame you personally for ‘murder’ of Drelev et al. and suggest that Pitax’s borders might be next. There has been a call for volunteers for the ‘Grand Regiment of Pitax’ to begin drilling this fall, and current clack says that Avinash Jurrg, Irovetti’s monstrous castellan, has been seen on the northern and western borders, seeking alliances with the giants of Numeria and the trolls of Loric Fells.
Armies are expensive, even in the River Kingdoms, and no one raises one without purpose. With very little clack against Mivon or Touvette, I can only assume they’ll be pointed at Leithawyn. Based on my best guess, expect war on your border within a year.”

Erastus [Turn 61]
—The kingdom annexes the Chimera Pride / Armag’s Tomb / Giant’s Cave / Flooded Mine in the Hooktongue Slough.
—And unfloods the mine with the help of Essiya, establishing a silver mine.
—The last tenement in Pyre’s Gate is upgraded to a house.
—All three trade missions return.
Event: Was That Here Yesterday?—Den of Thieves: A small coalition of ex-Drelev thugs and river pirates sets up shop on the Abandoned Ferry Station. They repair it…and then when it suits them, waylay traders passing to/from Mivon that look for other fords as a form of protection racket. Scouts report the bandit den to have about a dozen members, mostly humanoids, with one allied troll, led by a notorious Taldan highwayman, Black Slayn, a ranger who is said to wield a cruel spiked chain in close combat.
Taladael gathers Saki, the Unbreakable Mithral Lancers, Cyan, Amara, and Drusilla. After negotiations break down, Drusilla and Saki pick off the sentries, and the troll (a troll ranger) engages the mithral lancers, while Drusilla finds and engages Black Slayn in single combat. Amalia’s mount is ripped in half by the troll before the troll is dropped by Cyan, and Slayn’s lieutenant fails both saves against baleful polymorph and becomes a tabby cat. Slayn is well…slain, but not before dealing a negative level to Drusilla. Amara also suffers Dexterity drain from a critical hit. The only other major loss is Amalia’s bonded mount.
9 Erastus: The party backtracks the Aurumvorax Den in the Hooktongue Slough, and after a brief, but difficult fight, slays the beasts, recovering a cache of metallic loot.
10 Erastus: The party melts down one of the aurumvorax hides to a tidy sum.
12 Erastus: The party preps to assault the chuul lair in the Hooktongue Slough, and does so, raiding the former bandit cave now inhabited by a trio of murderous lobster-monsters.
13 Erastus: The party finally confronts and slays the mighty 13-headed hydra lurking in the Hooktongue Slough.
15 Erastus: While exploring, the party comes across an abandoned campsite used by a green hag coven and a First World dimensional breach.
17 Erastus: The party reaches the boggard village of M’Botuu and further dragoons the boggards with the news of the kingdom thrashing Drelev. That evening, the party severely wounds and scares off a voonith, a semi-intelligent predatory amphibian known for eating kobolds.
19 Erastus: The party revisits the Swamp Scar while mapping the area.
20 Erastus: The party comes across the skeletal remains of a large forest drake on the edge of the Narlmarches.
22 Erastus: The party visits the Dragonfly Glen, retrieving 7 3/4ths sets of giant dragonfly wings.

Arodus [Turn 62]
—The kingdom annexes the ruins of Lostlarn and the always-surly free village of Thornhill, and expands roads and farms.
—Duchess Taladael talks contingency plans with the boggards, bog striders, and Ananta the lunar naga.
Event: Bandit Activity: Bandits from the Southern Narlmarches attack travelers moving through Leithawyn. Marshal Kundal successfully routs the bandits before any lasting harm is done.

Rova [Turn 63]
—The kingdom claims the three hexes to the south of Lake Hooktongue to link it to the Greenbenlt.
—Barracks are establishedi in Tatzlford and Ironscale. Ironscale receives a kennel (stables).
—The Lostlarn ruins are rebuilt into a fort, and a new fort is established on the east side of the Wyvernstone Bridge.
—The Westport Company trade mission is sent out.
Event: Dead Rising Again: The dead walk in Hodanskeep as a foreign necromancer begins practicing on the interred. While the necromancer is quickly captured, more disturbing is that the lady is both a follower of the necromantic cult known as the Whispering Way and a disciple of Wilendithas the Eternal Hag. The necromancer is also caught trafficking two human slaves, escaped serfs from Ustalav to the west. She is publicly put to death by beheading and her remains cremated.

Lamashan [Turn 64]
-Nelduin claims the last two plains hexes in the Greenbelt.
—Nelduin establishes a Garrison in its northern district and a Granary.
—A watchtower is established north of Thornhill.
—The remaining two trade missions are sent out.
Event: Outstanding Success: The surly swampers are suddenly overjoyed that someone would hurriedly erect a defensive stone watchtower just for them. They throw an impromptu festival…impromptu, because they might have forgotten what having fun was.
Mivon Diplomatic Mission:
•Intelligence Sharing: Mivon reveals they’re heard that Pitax is reviving/again holding the Rushlight Tournament in 4716, a regional athletic event that in years past, has been attended by Daggermark, Gralton, Mivon, Pitax (no shame in competing in your own tournament, amirite?), and Tymon (who at least tries to show up at EVERY competition in the River Kingdoms, large or small). Mivoni popular sentiment is that Pitax is being pressured into also inviting Leithawyn this upcoming year, after their showing at the Outlaw Council.
•Permission to Raise Volunteers/Mivon Aldori: Granted, along with permission to hire private mercenaries from Mivon’s Aldori houses.
•Army trainers: Available for hire, for an extra 2 BP/army.

Neth [Turn 65]
-Nelduin claims additional hexes in the Greenbelt and south of the Brevoy border, establishing farmland.
—More residential districts are established in Thornill, Levetown, Ironscale, and Dragonsreach.
-The spy mission to Pitax is an astounding success, returning the following intel:
[Troop Movements and Composition]
Pitax is raising a mixed primary army of human warriors, with masterwork weapons and armor and all equipped with ranged weapons. He’s also in the process of courting the Kellid barbarian tribes of southern Numeria and the Glenebon Uplands, claiming revenge for the slaying of Armag’s bandit. Also on known retainer are the mercenary company known as the Catspaw Marauders, once a thieves’ guild in Hajoth Hakados on the Numerian border but ousted after a failed coup against the city. The primary army is estimated at least Legion size [Gargantuan, 1000+], the expected barbarian army is of unknown but presumably large size, and the Catspaw Marauders, number 480 [Huge, Regiment].

[Recent Politics/Alliances]
Internally, officially, King Castruccio Irovetti is an uneasy partnership with the Bandit Houses, the four traditional major trading companies that own most of the city, though in reality, Irovetti outright owns the Iron Fox trading house of the Liacenza family (the founders of Pitax and most powerful of the four), and has a controlling interest in the Darkwind Trade House owned by the Strocalle family. Of the remaining two, the Cattanei family’s Serpent’s Breath Trade House is in alliance with Irovetti and seeks to curry his favor, due to their ownership of the city’s theater and opera house; The Vascari family’s Riversong house is most likely to oppose Irovetti, but their patriarch is a young returnee ex-adventurer who is internally viewed as an outsider and has less influence that his station would otherwise suggest.

Externally, Irovetti is thought to be part Kellid, and in good standing with both the Tiger Lords, one of the largest of Numeria’s native tribes, as well as the river pirate Blood Gars tribe. His berserker, personal champion, is a powerful Tiger Lord warlord. He is in poor footing with the Technic League of Numeria, owing to Irovetti’s ownership of powerful technological devices said to be looted from Numerian ruins (which the League would rightfully consider theirs by default). Irovetti has had dalliances with the leader of the Catspaw Marauders, but more odd is Irovetti’s ease in gaining fealty and alliances with what would commonly be consider monsters. He is known to be allied with a large band of mastodon-riding hill giants known as the Tuskers, and recently returned from the ruined kingdom of Loric Fells leading a large warband of trolls, even going so far as to replace several of his bodyguards with seemingly loyal and powerful trolls. If rumors are to be believed, Irovetti is also courting an alliance with a powerful dragon and several bands of wyverns.

[Money Flow Within Pitax]
Pitax has spent the last two years “fattening” its treasury, disguised by Irovetti’s typical interest in trashy C-grade art and monuments. Several black markets and even more legitimatize shops have spring up, along with craftsmen, forges, and numerous barracks and garrisons. While Irovetti can likely sustain his “regular” army as a standing army nigh-indefinitely, it will be expensive, and should he field it, pay a barbarian horde in treasure, keep the Catspaw Marauders, and then call in whatever monstrous alliances he has, he likely could not sustain such a collection of armies for more than 6 months.

Irovetti is said to have unnatural charisma, and has powerful individuals who have sworn fealty to him. Beyond Koth, his Tiger Lord champion, he is known to have among his court a powerful Tian giant General Jurrg as general of his armies, the master assassin Gaetane, the serial killer only known as the Riverfront Ripper, a powerful fey knight known as the Raven Lord, and a deadly ex-crusader tiefling gunslinger, One-Armed Jolene. Also, several years ago, Irovetti brought home a remorhaz from a previous expedition to the Realms of the Mammoth Lords and paraded it through the city before keeping it as a pet in his dungeons. His castle’s private arena has sometimes held semi-public executions with the beast “fighting” the condemned. Thus far, the monster dutifully obeys Irovetti’s commands. Also, several years ago, Irovetti brought home a remorhaz from a previous expedition to the Realms of the Mammoth Lords and paraded it through the city before keeping it as a pet in his dungeons. His castle’s private arena has sometimes held semi-public executions with the beast “fighting” the condemned. Thus far, the monster dutifully obeys Irovetti’s commands.

[Geographic Intel]
[Mammoth Graveyard, Steam Grotto, Whiterose Abbey, Hungerdark, Castle of Knives added to map.]
Event: Sensational Crime: The urban legend known as the “Rainwater Razor” has come to Nelduin, leaving a trio of slit throats bloodying the town’s fountains, including its magic fountain near the foreign quarter. Nadya Yelizaveta, the Jadwiga matriarch of the Foreign quarter. [See 18 Neth, below.]
10 Neth: The party raids the Steam Grotto, recovering a powerful Numerian-tech rifle and a cache of supplies guarded by robots, and absconds with both the loot (including two technological weapons and a technological power-artifact) and evidence of their raid.
18 Neth: Trazel Rainwater, the “Rainwater Razor” is captured and interrogated, and based on his rantings, is tortured for information by Snick-Clack and Argas.
20 Neth: Trazel reveals he’s a cultist of a mysterious “Queen of the Stolen Lands” and is recognized as an agent of the shadowy foe by the friendly cloaker Contemplates Eternity.
22 Neth: Research based on Trazel’s interrogation reveals shocking clues: Trazel’s patron is “The Queen of Forgotten Time”/“The Count’s Last Mistress”, a nymph-queen of the First World named Nyrissa, once the near-divine lover of Count Ranalc, one of the godlike Eldest and rulers of that fey plane. As well, her realm, “Thousandbreaths” is said to be “within” or “behind” the Thousand Voices forest near Pitax, but only when the eerie conditions are right for the material and the fey planes to align. The rare book “Zuddiger’s Picnic” is thought to be an account of a mortal who accidentally visited that realm and escaped.
—Among this Nyrissa’s known allies are the great black dragon Ilthuliak (who once killed Amvarean and long ago killed some of the dragon-allies of Choral the Conqueror) and potentially King Irovetti of Pitax himself.
22 Neth, continued: On going to visit Trazel, the latter commits suicide-via-extraplanar ritual, letting his body become the host for an extraplanar parasitic plant. Marcian and the party slay the plant, and it leaves a rose as a sort of partial extraplanar “key”.

Kuthona [Turn 66]:
-The former Smilodon hex is annexed and farm-ified.
-A Hospital is established in Nelduin.
-Granary and magical fountains are established in Pyre’s Gate and Thornhill.
-The remaining two trade missions return.

4716 AR
Abadius [Turn 67]:
-The kingdom saves up BP through the winter.
Event: Natural Blessing: Astrologers find good omens in the stars around New Years. +4 Stability checks until the next event phase.
—Nora begins enchanting Leithawyn’s Whisper, the recovered Numerian-tech railgun.
10 Abadius: After hearing rumors of a rare great cyclops traveling through the Tors of Levenies, the party (sans Nora) sets out to investigate.
16 Abadius: THe party finds a secondary Koloran cyclopean ruin in the Tors.
17 Abadius: The party comes across an exploratory warparty of cyclopes, with a great cyclops and a frost giant mercenary as muscle. Tala talks them down, promising that notes on Vordakai’s Tomb would be sent to the cyclopes’ more level-headed shamaness.
18 Abadius: The party investigates the Koloran ruins, and find the remains of an ancient cyclops shrine to their lost god of prophecy, the group pacifies a haunt and makes a copy of the ruin’s ancient star map.

Calistril [Turn 68]
-The kingdom establishes a fort on the southern bank of Thornhill.
-Parks with magical fountains are added to Ironscale and Varnhold.
-Nelduin’s temple of Erastil expands to a cathedral.
19 Nelduin: Snick-Clack tests out Leithawyn’s Whisper inside an extradimensional Nora space.

Pharast [Turn 69]
-Parks with magical fountains are added to Levetown, Hodanskeep, Tatzlford, and Dragonsreach.
-A granary is added to Ironscale
Event: Tears of Curchanus: A meteor shower occurs in the middle of the month, and is attributed to a strange effect on the local wildlife of Leithawyn. (Tears of Rage): Until your next Event phase, the chances of ALL wilderness random encounters increases by 10%, as beasts grow bolder in attacking travelers.
11 Pharast: The party visits the Nomen and follows up on strange figures seen by their outriders.
14 Pharast: Following the strange figures and the sighting of a frost drake, the party comes across a cult of Baphomet and destroys them, before fighting off the two frost drakes.
18 Pharast: The party returns to Leithawyn proper, and contacts Mivon about helping with internal problems.
22 Pharast: The party receives permission to travel to Mivon and discuss the matter.
25 Pharast: The party arrives in Mivon and meets with mayor Raston Selline, who tells them of recent problems with Galtan incursions, undead, and (presumed) Pitaxian woodcutters. The party adventures to the estate of Oran Orshy-Aldori, victim of what looked to be a Gyronnan attack and after investigation, the party determines it to be an inside job at the hands of a jilted and abused wife and the cult of Gyronna. The party traces them back to Mivon and Mivon’s Lower Quarter. The party infiltrates the small hidden lair of the cult inside the city and destroys a coven of powerful hags and their human priestess underlings. Their leader, the Knurly Witch, hints that Wilendithas has left the area and is “courting with queens”. The sole surviving cultist is delivered to the Mivoni government for interrogation.

Gozran [Turn 70]
-A Barracks and Garrison are established in sad little Thornhill.
-A militia and army of clerics are raised in Pyre’s Gate.
-A force of battle mages is raised in Nelduin.
Event: Vanished Without a Trace: A trade wagon is found in the Greenbelt on the road between Tatzlford and Hodanskeep, devoid of people, its horses brutally mauled. The event is unsettling, but Leithawyn has a good track record.

Desnus [Turn 71]
-Leithawyn begins recruiting a formal army along with Lizarfolk sappers and Nomen centaur troops.
-The kingdom receives a courier inviting them to the Rushlight Tournament outside Pitax next month, in Sarenith.
—The party commisions an Expedition Pavilion from Rita so they can have a fancy magical tent as befitting their station.

Sarenith [Turn 72]
-The Rushlight Tovurnament: Held outside Pitax, this tournament and festival features the following other kingdoms in official attendance: Daggermark, Gralton, Mivon, Tymon, and Pitax.
Day Two: Archery Tournament, using longbows provided by Irovetti; six arrows, three targeets.
Day Two: Test of the Axe. A test of strength using either a provided greataxe or twin handaxes to chop through as many logs as possible in a minute.
Day Three: Boasting and Tall Tales.
Day Four: The Tower of Jewels. Contestants must climb a wooden column, smash or open a box at the top, and retrieve the most valuable gem from the box in the shortest time.
Day Four: Caster’s Ball. Contestants dress up in evening wear, must ballroom dance, and one of the two partners must perform an impressive magical display during a pause in the dances.
Day Five: [Rest and merrymaking]
Day Six: The Midnight Joust: An unspoken rule is that the contestants be at least tipsy. Otherwise, riders must use the tilting lance and shield provided, but may otherwise use their own tack, saddle, horse, gear, etc in a single-elimination jousting tourny.
1 Sarenith: The party arrives at the Rushlight Tournament, with Snick-Clack noticing a pair of armies camped out near the Rushlight Tournament grounds.
-Bixen Libixyten, of Sarain requests the kingdom’s patronage in the Midnight Joust, drinking the “Mellow Melomel”, a blackberry mead.
-Much of the party visits the menagerie of Madam Duclarion.
—Taladael orders a masterwork cittern from the famous Nicolo Gramati.
King Irovetti invites the party to his lavish tent for a chat, likely to size up the party. Snick-Clack scouts out the nearby encamped army, finding them to be the mercenary company known as the Catspaw Marauders.
2 Sarenith: Snick-Clack wins the archery tourney (Daggermark disqualified for cheating) and Argas wins the Test of the Axe, with Mivon placing second in both events.
3 Sarenith: The Boasting competition takes place, with Gralton disqualified and Tymon placing second. Taladael takes the podium herself and sets a record-breaking perfect score win and standing ovation. The Pitaxian entry, Annamede Belavarah, admits in a note to being bribed to attack Leithawyn in her speech, while the Mivoni entry, Ceale Ravenbrow, sends the party a bottle of celebratory Elven absinthe.
4 Sarenith: In the Tower of Jewels, Nora returns second but wins the event due to a better jewel, with Tymon placing second. In the Caster’s Ball, Marcian and Taladael give a magically-simple but impressive dance but are squeezed out by fire and lightning dances of Tymon’s sorceress. The Gralton mage attempts to conjure a fey but succeeds too well and beckons forth Nyrissa, the Queen of Forgotten Time, who proceeds to bewitch the man and his musician before spiriting the two away and leaving a scar in reality in her wake; Gralton is disqualified.
That night, the party is drawn into a dreamworld version of Nyrissa’s palace, explores it, and finally meets a version of the mysterious fey queen, who is implicated in setting up most of the major crises of the past few years. She also claims to be Taladael’s ancestor.
5 Sarenith: Snick-Clack scouts out the other army, finding it to be a horde of Tiger Lord Kellids, and brings back intelligence on army (including their feud with the hill giant tribe known as the Tuskers, also hired by Irovetti.) Snick-Clack infiltrates Irovetti’s tent and fits that one of his agents, Gaetane, is working on a “project”. Argas, Snick-Clack, and Marcian participate in an unofficial drinking contest held by the Brewers and Vintners Guild of Pitax, with Argas netting a win and staying conscious through 11 rounds of drinks.
6 Sarenith: Argas receives a “decanter of endless beer” as a prize. At midnight leading to the 7th, the Midnight Joust occurs, with Taladel sweeping it easily, and winning the Rushlight Tournament entire.
7 Sarenith: After leaving a 300 gp tip to bargoers, the party returns to Thornhill and activates Tala’s Rangers and the Kobold Musketeers.
8th-9th: Leithawyn activates its armies as scouts spot Pitax’s armies, including a massive horde of wyverns and an army of hill giant cavalry. Snick-Clack assassinates Kob Moleg, the leader of the tuskers, at extreme range.
10 Sarenith: An army of wyverns attacks Pyre’s Gate but is driven off and routed by the combined forces of the Pyre’s Gate Militia, the Faithful of Erastil, and the dragons Kyras and Amvarean. Later in the days, a horde of Tiger Lord barbarians attacks Thornhill in fog. Tala’s rangers delay them long enough for the Nomen and the dragons to join the fight, but the initial skirmish is inconclusive as the sun sets.


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