Theodric Branieck

Brevan ex-pat castellan and Kingdom's Chancellor


LN old human Aristocrat 1/Bard[court bard] 7
Str 7 Dex 11 Con 9 Int 16 Wis 16 Cha 17
Satire, Mockery, Heraldic Expertise(+3 Diplo, history, local, nobility, reroll 2/day)
Gear: Mwrk sword cane, silk ceremonial armor, signet ring of protection +2


Best described as that perfectionist grandpa you can never quite please, Theodric acts as the castellan of Nelduin’s castle and the chancellor of the realm. He helps grease the gears of the kingdom and if necessary, keeps it running if the party can’t be back in time for monthly affairs.

Theodric Branieck

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