Vudran greatsword

weapon (melee)

Originally: ornate†, razor-sharp** +1 keen greatsword
Currently: +2 holy flaming burst keen greatsword

†ornate: Grants +2 to Diplomacy when wielded in a proper setting against those who understand what it is.
**razor-sharp: nonmagical +1 bonus to damage.


“I cannot say when the gods will consider my current service done, but until then, I will sing your praises to Vineshvakhi and ask him to watch over your Leithawyn for all of your days.”

The prized blade of the calikang from Jalmeray that Taladael fought in Absalom’s Irorium, and received as a sacred gift. The entire greatsword blade is ornate “water steel”, and the hilt is inlaid with yellow gold and several semi-precious cabochon-cut citrine quartz gems.

A custom-made matching baldric scabbard with a quick-release flap along the “top” diagonal edge, allowing the blade to drawn as a swift action.


Kingmaker Daviot