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Town NPCs and Kingdom Allies-at-Large

Pyre's Gate
Unincorporated Settlements


Nelduin, meaning roughly "Three Waters" in Elven, is the capital of Leithawyn, on the banks of the lake known as the Tuskwater.
[INNKEEPER] Beven Armaki, innkeeper of the Broken Bandit [expert/warrior]
[SHOPKEEP] Konstansia, Issian ex-soldier and owner of the Owlbear Outfitters [fighter/expert]
[SAGE] Ulthred, dwarven sage and historian of the Curious Wyvern. [expert/diviner]
[SHOPKEEP] Gregor Baranov, Rostlandic former guardsman and tavern keeper/militiaman; owns and runs Crackjaw's Canteen. [warrior/expert]
    Daila Baranov, Rostlandic professional chef and Gregor's spouse. [expert]
    Jamery Gorbasken, Brevan exotic (and eccentric) chef, Daila's assistant [expert]
[BREWER] Rogar Stahlfinger, Rostlandic (Brunderton) dwarven master brewer [warrior/expert]
[MAGE] Khoran Lansveray, half-elven ex-duelist hedge mage and schoolmaster of the First Academy [fighter/wizard]
[PRIEST] Radan Varund, Riverfolk priest of Hanspur and harbormaster of the Nelduin pier [warrior/expert/cleric(travel,water)]
Munguk, hill giant builder/teamster [10 HD NG hill giant/expert]
Vilte Varus, mistress of the Home for Wayward Souls orphanage and a lay-priestess of the empyrean lord Andoletta. [aristocrat/expert]
Estera Jaleda, Rostlandic master-miller and mistress of the granary and mill [commoner/expert]
Nadya Yelizaveta, Jadwiga matriarch of the "Little Irrisen" foreign quarter [witch/winter witch]
Other Townsfolk:

  • Chamie Lerian, weaver
  • Iosis Vemarelian, eccentric poet
  • Lily Teskertin, local flirt
  • Edrist Hanvaki, nobleman
  • Jennavieve Kensen, noble girl
  • Jamery Gorbasken, chef (likes…eccentric dishes)
  • Arven, local fisherman (prefers fishing for freshwater fanged eels in the Tuskwater)
  • Stas, lumberjack
  • Chesk Umberweed, alchemist
  • Quanchy Veeliker, taxidermist
  • Ilamanor Melarisan, elven druid


A depressing hamlet of swampers eaking out a living (mostly by fishing) on the western edge of the Hooktongue Slough, Thornhill was found already in existence and annexed in 4715.
[REEVE] Aelfgar Wymer, the mayor-equivalent is a sullen, boring man of Ulfen descent. [expert]
[SAGE] Gyric Walwin, An elderly half-elf curmudgeon, Gyric is the local scholar and hedge wizard who is dismissive of his neighbors, who he somewhat-correctly categorizes as inbred idiots. [expert/diviner]
[INNKEEPER] Odda Kerrich, A somewhat-sickly half-orcish man who runs the "The Dunken Lizard". [expert]
[SHOPKEEP] Yonwin, proprietor of Yonwin's Fish Market and Smokehouse is a crippled, perpetually-drunk halfling man.  Local halflings and lizardfolk swear by his smoked fish, at least. [commoner]
[PRIEST] Aedwen Sirett, caretaker of the shrine to Sarenrae the Hall of the Sun, and perhaps the only cheerful person in town. [cleric]
[SMITH] Wulfric Isgar, an Ulfen man of Iobarian descent, the dour blacksmith is prone to singing gloomy elegies and chanted poems as he works. [expert]
[SHOPKEEP] Brid and Ealhid Wennell, the married couple run Wennell's Traders.  Brid is primarily a woodworker, though his shop doubles as the general store and lunch counter. [expert and commoner]
[SHAMAN] Zissren, a lizardfolk shamaness who is semi-resident to the village and an emissiary between Thornhill and the local demihuman tribes. [adept]

Pyre's Gate

Originally known as Fort Drelev, this town on the deepwater portion of the Hooktongue Slough was captured and annexed after Drelev and Pitaxian mercenaries attacked Leithawyn.
Asaia Bellweather, widow and owner of Bellweather's Soup n' Kettle [commoner]
[MADAM] Satinder Morne, madam of the Velvet Corner and priestess of Calistria [cleric/rogue]
[SMITH] Gask Sutton, beleaguered stablemaster and farrier of Sutton's Smith and Stables [expert]
[PRIEST] Grundis Ableweather, novice priest of Erastil [ranger/cleric]
[INNKEEPER] Nairtos Redgrave, dwarf brewer and hosteler of The Smashed Mage [expert/warrior]
[SHOPKEEP] Cantel Metzer, Chelish general goods merchant of Metzer's Sundries; has family in Mivon. [expert]
[SHOPKEEP] Junia Salis, runs Hound's Hearth and Home, a slightly more upscale shop focusing more on home furnishings and wares. [commoner/expert]


Originally a frontier trading post owned by Oleg and Svetlana Leveton, the outpost on the main road connecting Leithawyn to Restov in Brevoy has grown into a town named after the couple, albeit mispelled due to a mondegreen hearing of their surname.
[SHOPKEEP] Vekkel Benzen, retired hunter and assistant to Oleg and Svetlana at Oleg's Trading Post that now runs the day-to-day operations.  [ranger/expert]
[SHOPKEEP] Esseri, lizardwoman baker and founder of Claw & Hearth bakery.  Her bread has become locally-famous for its mouth-watering taste. [expert]
[SMITH] Roderic Haggarson, a tall Ulfen smithy and namesake of the Iron Hands Smithy [warrior/expert]
Jhenta the Miller, strongly built widow and former farmer who runs the town's granary. [commoner/expert]
[SHOPKEEP] Edwin Feinard, savvy halfling merchant of Edwin's Everyday Emporium. [expert]


Built around an ancient ruined Elven keep in the Narlmarches and named for the rare hodags found nearby, Hodanskeep was founded by the Rostlandic Hanvaki noble family, who moved en masse from Brevoy, fearing civil war, bringing their retinue of soldiery, the Free Irregulars, with them.
Hanvaki Family, first Brevic nobles to resettle in Leithawyn as a group.
Dhavik Two-Blade, Free Irregular, half-orc infantryman and major of the Hodanskeep Arsenal [warrior]
[MILITIA CAPTAIN] Marcus Hanvaki, Free Irregular, castellan of Hodanskeep [warrior]
[SHOPKEEP] Nesti Telvalkan, Taldan proprietess of Telvalkan Fineries [expert]
Brajan Ostley, Issian master miller of the town's granary [commoner/expert]


Founded by an adventurous married couple devoted to Erastil in the first year of Leithawyn's existence, Tatzlford sits at a natural ford of the Skunk River near a former lair of tatzlwyrm dragons.  Today, the town acts as the hub for the Narlmarches, connecting them with Nelduin via the river.
[MAYOR] Loy "Tanner" Rezbin, retired ranger and venture-capitalist [ranger/expert]
[PRIEST] Latricia Evanore, Tanner's common-law wife and co-founder of the town [cleric(Erastil)]
[MILITIA CAPTAIN] Coren Lawry, ex-Brevic soldier [fighter]
[MAGE] Emraeli Emfaun, elven mage, librarian, and schoolteacher [wizard]
[INNKEEPER] Able Morkentian, innkeeper of Able's Inn [commoner/expert]
Gnori Berwekertan, gnomish gemcutter and jeweler of Gnori's Gems [expert]
[SMITH] Kole Jhargee, beefy Brevic ex-pat blacksmith of the Iron Hammer Smithy [barbarian/expert]
[BREWER] Killough Margrom, brewer and owner of the River Run Alehouse and the Tatzlwyrm Tavern [expert]
[SHOPKEEP] Karl Roschinder, ex-Galtan owner of the general store [expert]
[MADAM] Madam Neshka, madam of the Thrillseeker's brothel and lay worshipper of Calistria [rogue/expert]
Sir Terrion Numesti, a Rostlander swordsman and one of Marcian's mentors.  Had tried to advise Baron Drelev and was imprisoned for being rational; rescued by the party and resettled with his grown daughters in Tatzlford. [fighter/rogue]
Kisandra Numesti, Terrion's younger daugther and quite passable swordswoman herself.  Was possibly dating Satinder Morne. [aristrocrat/rogue]
Tamary Numesti, Terrion's elder daughter. [aristocrat]
Yikyik, Kyras's kobold manservant, and Rupert, Kyras's pet dire weasel.


Built up as an extension of the caverns inhabited by the Sootscale clan of kobolds as they slowly recovered from a war with local fey and their own homicidal shaman, Ironscale remains a kobold majority by population, with much of the expanded caverns built at kobold-height, while surface and basement-level dwellings and businesses are more accomodating of human-sized persons.  Ironscale's claim to fame is housing perhaps the only dedicated gunworks outside of Alkenstar.  Despite the name the cavern mines produce silver and lead ores, not iron.
[CHIEFTAIN] Chief (Nask) Sootscale, the canny namesake of the tribe.  Fond of decorative skulls and breaking kneecaps. [rogue]
[ENVOY] Mikmek, (male kobold) coordinates between Nelduin and the Sootscales; presumed expert at "not getting eaten". [rogue]
[MILITIA CAPTAIN] Nakpik, originally a mere sentry, Nakpik (male) has been promoted as a result of his leadership skills and canny intuition. [fighter/gunslinger]
[SAGE] Arzhun, elderly male kobold lorespeaker and oral historian; 106 years of age. [expert/sorcerer]
[SMITH] Awan Towaren, ex-Alkenstari master gunsmith [expert]
[SMITH] Henvik, male kobold blacksmith of the Shrike Steelworks [warrior/expert]
[SMITH] Zee-zeek, female kobold "master-thinker" (engineer) of the Shrike Foundry siege works. [expert]
[INNKEEPER] Fisk-isk, male kobold proprietor of the Dragon's Egg inn. [expert]
[TAVERNER] Dinsak, female kobold owner of the Stag's Head Tavern [commoner/expert]
Nuuzi, female kobold owner of the Ironpaw Kennels, which breeds riding dogs and dire weasels, though their most popular animal are the messenger bats used much like one would use homing pidgeons.
Kring-Dink, male kobold minter and engraver of the Sootscale Minting.
Marsus Krally, Brevan miller in change of the town's granary and food stores.


Established on the shores of Lake Silverstep where the Kamelands meet the Tors of Levenies, Dragonsreach is a fortified mining and fishing town, drawing on the nearby iron and gem mines.
[TAVERNER] Dorsk, male Kellid owner of the Crosswinds tavern. [expert]
Kon-kon, female kobold master gemcutter and owner of the Silverstep Lapidary. [expert/rogue]
[GUILDMASTER] Zuk-toh Snarekiller, male kobold 'representative' of the Silverstep Miners' Guild.  Totally not a crime boss. [rogue]


Established in parallel to Leithawyn, the village of Varnhold was annexed and resettled after the original settlers were abducted and murdered by the cyclops-lich Vordakai.  Today it remains the settlement closest to both the Brevic border and the allied Nomen tribes.
[MAYOR] Lyriina Varn, last Varn scion and de-facto future lord of Varnhold [magus]
[INNKEEPER] Miriam Kolescu, innkeeper of the Waterhouse and Issian ex-pat Vordakai survivor [expert]
[SMITH] Ancel Silvin, Galtan expatriate and new town smith at the Varnhold Livery [expert]
Amelos and Emyrna, town weaver and wife, Vordakai survivors [commoners]
[PRIEST] Aria Faldo, straight-laced priestess of Erastil, from Ustalav ancestry. [cleric]
[SHOPKEEP] Durnd Durisdam, female dwarven tinker and lapidary of the "Treasures of the Earth" [expert]
[BREWER] Ennas Blazej, Rostlandic brewer of the Delver's Den, originally from Brunderton. [expert]

Unincorporated Settlements

Some settlements in Leithawyn act as self-governing vassals or are otherwise left to their own devices, or are otherwise allies that live in the wilderness.  Arranged roughly from west to east.

Hooktongue Slough

M'botuu: A village of boggards, also known as toadfolk.  Known for their xenophobia and violent dispositions.  Currently in truce with Leithawyn and the bog-striders.
Sepoko, their chieftain and priest-king. [cleric]
Garuum, an exile from M'botuu now living as a recluse in the Greenbelt.

Tok-Nikrat: A village of bog striders, stick-insect like humanoids, or in Aquan, Ses'h.  Peaceful hunter-gatherers once preyed upon with the boggards, now in an uneasy truce.  Roughly 20 of them remain in Tok-Nikrat.
Tok-Tekt, the surviving elder and de-facto leader of the bog striders after the death of their seer-queen.

Ananta, a peaceful lunar naga astronomer who lives in an abandoned tower known as The Watcher's Tower.

The Greenbelt

Village of the Elk: The Temple of the Elk, an abandoned shrine to Erastil, has been partially rebuilt with a few rough-and-tumble types permanently settling around the site, forming a hamlet.

Korek's Retreat: A reclusive druid of Erastil has set up a cabin on the site of an old hunting lodge and a sacred statue to the god, where he works as a bowyer and fletcher.  A few others have joined him, forming an impromptu hamlet.

Murque River Lizardfolk: Originally led by a violent lizard-king brainwashed by a will-o'-wisp, the tribe is now allied with Leithawyn, who do their best to keep loggers and other meddlers from bothering the more slow-to-react Iruxi.
Kresshm: Once the lead brave (warrior) of the tribe and now its chieftain, Kresshm is relatively intellectual and level-headed. [fighter]
Nessal: The relatively-young shamaness of the tribe. [druid]
Dara: A female warrior of the tribe. [warrior.]
Vesk: A male sentry and skilled spearman. [fighter]

Bokken: An old and mildly senile hermit and potion maker that lives alone near Levetown.

Elga Verniex: Better known as the Old Beldame or the Swamp Witch, Elga is an elderly fey-blooded sorceress and somewhat grumpy recluse that lives alone in the Southern Narlmarches, west of Nelduin.

Perlivash and Tyg-Titter-Tut: A faerie dragon and a grig that live in the northeastern Narlmarches.   Although shy, they love heroic stories and alcohol.

Melianse: A nixie that lives downriver of Tatlzford.  Currently overseeing logging operations nearby to ensure renewable forestry.

Tiressia and Falchos: A common-law married fey couple consisting of a dryad druidess and a satyr.  Her grove is just west of Tatzlford.

Nomen Heights

Zzamas: A mostly-agreeable monster known as a phase-spider, Zzamas lairs near an old broken portal now called The Ghost Stone, a thin point between the Material and Ethereal planes, and located southwest of Varnhold.

The Nomen: A matriarchal semi-nomadic tribe of about 250 centaur hunter-gatherers that live on the plains known as the Dunsward, the Nomen are an offshoot of the Rashalka ethnicity of centaurs from Iobaria.  Most are worshippers of Desna in an aspect they call "Mother Moon".  The Nomen were on shaky grounds with Varnhold but have a much better relationship with Leithawyn after the party's aid in defeating Vordakai and returning their relic-weapon Skybolt.  They were also old allies of the silver dragon Amvarean.
Aecora Silverfire: War-priestess and leader of the tribe. [druid]
Xamanthe: Aecora's headstrong daughter, a talented warrior rescued from Vordakai's clutches. [fighter]
Belmusa Nightsblade: A centaur outrider under Xamanthe. [ranger]
Jeod: Belmusa's husband. [commoner]
Cleona Swiftmoor: A centaur outrider and warband leader. [ranger]
Belen: Cleona's husband. [expert]
Kallicelos Elmbow: A centaur outrider and expert archer. [fighter]
Erebon: Kallicelos's husband. [warrior]
Aldara (mate Hali): A Nomen sorceress.

Town NPCs

Kingmaker Daviot