Leithawyn produces the following specific brands of boozery:

Brunderton Brewers, Nelduin:

  • Nelduin pale, a typical pale ale (top-fermented with pale malt)
  • Stahlfinger Stout, an oatmeat stout
  • Leithawinter Vitae, a mint-flavored akvavit

River Run Alehouse, Tatzlford:

  • Huckleberry Joy, a berry-flavored mead
  • River Run Ale, a sweet brown ale

Delver's Den, Varnhold:

  • Cheerful Delver Stout, a dark, earthy stout, similar to an Imperial Stout
  • Black Hellhound, a bittersweet amber cider made with gruit


King's Fingers: An example of the fusion cuisine subtly present in the River Kingdoms, the exact origin of King's Fingers (or which king it refers to) has been lost to time, although hints of its origins may be found in its ingredients.
A King's Finger consists of a thin pancake or crepe (usually buckwheat) around a spicy dwarven sausage, served hot, and then either drizzled in honey or dipped into fruit sauce/syrup.  It is generally considered street food as opposed to proper cuisine.

  • The buckwheat pancakes are thought to have origins in the Kellid tribes of Numeria, who cook buckwheat skillet cakes known as Ogia, although they very between thick pancakes and bannock loaves.
  • A "Pauper's Finger" is a common variant that uses a fish fillet or fish cake as the savory filling; in Mivon, a "Liar's Finger" uses smoked eel.
  • A dwarven variant (also just called a "King's Finger") found in south Brevoy swaps the sausage for mutton and adds ground nuts and spices to the pancakes, or if seasonally available, fresh berries.
  • An "Elf's Finger" is a variant from the southern River Kingdoms that changes the sausage to a wild rice pilaf; more expensive versions include crayfish meat while the cheapest only have rice and green onions cooked in vegetable broth.


Because taxidermists need work too, and nothing quite flexes like putting monster bits on a wall.


The Curious Wyvern: A stuffed hodag.
Old Crackjaw's Canteen:

  • Crackjaw, the tavern's namesake dire snapping turtle.
  • The head, pelt, and claws of the massive owlbear that attacked the town in Pharast, 4711.
  • The head of megabulette Kankerata the World Eater, slain in Kuthona 4713.
  • The massive sword and recurve bow of the war troll that attacked Tatzlford.


Tatzlwyrm Tavern: A stuffed tatzlwyrm.


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